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0Hace 2 mesesRickRick
Yo, i'LL GIVE YOU 20 BUCKS AND 3 THREE bus tokens for your another figure.
0Hace 5 meses (hace 20 días)Heavenly_OtakuHeavenly_Otaku
Lost a $100K worth of statues/figures. That is devastating.

Good that you have several different houses to keep the figures. Smart move, never put all eggs in one basket.

frozenkuku (Hace 5 meses) #17721158i wish i have a mansion but it costs too much in australia, I store them in several different houses, unfortunately one house got flooded by "shit neighbour's build"...very upset now and going through insurance, lost about $100K worth of statues/figures.
0Hace 5 mesesPlatPlat
Hey mate, saw that you're selling your Kotobukiya Asuna figure for $110 aud, is that still for sale? If it helps I'm also in Australia :) Thanks in advance!
0Hace 8 mesesHeavenly_OtakuHeavenly_Otaku
Wow Wow Wow!!!

Your collection is unbelievable.

You must have mansion to display than many figures.

Kudos to your collection.
0hace 1 añofrozenkukufrozenkuku
jeffro1503 (hace 1 año) #7553963frozenkuku (hace 1 año) #7553954reported what?
For agreeing with you that Nippon doesn't treat buyers well...
lol, some idiot said I was ruining the reputation for the store.
To be realistic though, I just don't want others to get ripped off. Since ultimately we are all on the same boat. imo.........

Wtf? Theres so many people complained about it, but why only report you. I think you should say it loud and provide the evidence that you didnt make it up, its clearly that guy wjo report you is nippon yasan.

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