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0Hace 1 mesmaneshsidmaneshsid
Hi there, I received my 'Mei Misaki' figure today. It was just as you've described and was nicely packed. Would love to buy more figurines form you in future. Thanks a lot.. much appreciated. 'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!'
0Hace 4 mesesRickRick
Yo, i'LL GIVE YOU 20 BUCKS AND 3 THREE bus tokens for your another figure.
0Hace 6 meses (Hace 2 meses)Heavenly_OtakuHeavenly_Otaku
Lost a $100K worth of statues/figures. That is devastating.

Good that you have several different houses to keep the figures. Smart move, never put all eggs in one basket.

frozenkuku (Hace 7 meses) #17721158i wish i have a mansion but it costs too much in australia, I store them in several different houses, unfortunately one house got flooded by "shit neighbour's build"...very upset now and going through insurance, lost about $100K worth of statues/figures.
0Hace 7 mesesPlatPlat
Hey mate, saw that you're selling your Kotobukiya Asuna figure for $110 aud, is that still for sale? If it helps I'm also in Australia :) Thanks in advance!
0Hace 10 mesesHeavenly_OtakuHeavenly_Otaku
Wow Wow Wow!!!

Your collection is unbelievable.

You must have mansion to display than many figures.

Kudos to your collection.

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