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primarily blowing my money on collecting scales, plushies, prize figures and dolls uvu


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0hace 5 días (hace 5 días)tacholatachola loves you!!
friendly reminder ur the best schierke <3
0hace 20 díassolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
flashdancerene (hace 20 días) #26408670you're making me unironically like yoshikage kira,,
i could really hand it to ya..

Hehe well I'm glad I could help change your mind! :P He's one of my favourite characters of all time! And nice pun ahaha
0hace 23 días (hace 23 días)NotSoFluentNotSoFluent
flashdancerene (hace 27 días) #26138746?Your compatibility with NotSoFluent is 38%
You both like Higashikata Josuke, All Might, Asui Tsuyu."
hi ilu and ur tastes goodbye your collection is amazing,, detective conan was my childhood as i ate entire jars of buttered pickles and binge watching it :')

Oh goodness, I just saw your comment, thank you so much!! ;A; I put tons of work into it. Conan means a lot to me too, I still remember marathoning it on Adult Swim and in parts on YouTube when I was younger. :')
0hace 23 díassolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
flashdancerene (hace 24 días) #26267074you have the bests loots and i love your collection! you're actually making me begin to like tsunderes,, regardless, have a great day! i truly enjoy commenting on people's profiles i admire.

This is such a sweet comment, thank you! Really put a smile on my face to see this after waking up. I'm really happy that you enjoy my posts here and that I can spread some tsundere love. :D I hope you have a great day too!
0Hace 1 mestacholatachola loves you!!
flashdancerene (Hace 1 mes) #25661935jormungand is the anime/manga series, yes! her name is vamlet/sofia velmer. it's kind of an odd and unique anime which is what attracted, but i quite love the character! love the art style and her personality. like most anime, it does have some perverse moments but not overly so!
i agree. higurashi is much more important, specifically regarding the timelines in the anime which is why keiichi is even paired up with multiple characters. the only harem bit i've noticed is the comedic relief in the crappier reruns of it?
of course! sorry for mentioning it haha, i definitely understand why some people find it gross/unnerving. i like the bones and skulls for a different reason - because it's so unique so see the crevices and intricate sockets in such. it's all really amazing to me - that that's inside of us! and every animal bones vary.
i havent read umineko yet, but i hope to read the visual novel real soon on steam too! don't watch the anime tho, well, personally - it's very watered down and erases a lot of character development into a flurry of fast-paced gross plot;;
i r8 higurashi 8/8 m8 - also, on the topic of psychology again i totally agree. it's comforting to me to discover why exactly we feel, but i do also get annoyed by the overly nihilistic beings that say "happiness is just a chemical" from the information on such. human emotions are very complex and difficult, which is why i refuse to acknowledge it is just some needless chemical in the brain. it keeps us going, does it not? ;o;

the happiness topic is very interesting :o !! i too believe humans are super advanced and we can't really explain everything with the same criteria we use for animals when it comes to emotions and stuff !! it's so cool to meet someone else who agrees hueheuehue

awhh i loved hearing you talk about the bones haha, i love hearing people talk about their passions / things they like / enjoy it makes me so happy !!

do you mind if i shoot a steam fr? and also if you wanna talk more u can always ask for my phone # haha i love making friends !! ^__^

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