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A NOTE FOR VISITORS: I'm sorry but I don't accept FRs from people I've never talked with. If you want to get to know me please do not send me a FR but approach me in some other way first, thanks.

Also, for replying comments and PMs in general, I'm very bad with them so please don't get offended if you get a late reply or if you don't get one at all. That's just how I am.
If it's about the GO! club, please contact some other admin of the group, thanks! I'm on hiatus.

If you just want to chat the best way to contact me is via twitter ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

----- About my media collection! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
So that I could keep a track on my manga collection I've decided to add English manga to my media collection. The other reason is that it is not possible for me to add all my manga to one list. I have so many while only 450 entries can be linked to a list. Of course, some of the manga volumes I own are in Japanese too but most of them are in English. I collect some Finnish editions and add them to my collection as well. So as long as I own the physical copy and it matches with the original Japanese one the language doesn't matter. However, I only list physical releases I own, not digital ones.
All the blu-rays listed in my collection are Japanese releases. On the other hand the games I own are mostly localized.



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