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I'm called Theo, and I make videos on youtube for fun. One series is giving overviews on a anime series (history, adaptations, ect), and the other is making figma animations. We have fun on my channel!

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0hace 2 añosmaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
cl_Theo (hace 2 años) #2391876[ext link ]

so youre a brony now? :3
0hace 3 añosminaiminai
cl_Theo (hace 3 años) #2301803Try not to get in trouble once you do :P

0hace 3 añosMoroMoro
cl_Theo (hace 3 años) #2302737Just looked those up. They look awesome! The Rei's and the Asuka's look amazing! Some of the Q figures had weird looking faves to me, but these look awesome! That ASSuka is too expensive for me though :/the vid I made on my youtube channel cost me hundreds and I'm low on cash :(
They're very small, they don't have a listed scale but I'd put them at probably 1/13. I'm hoping that all of them will go up on the Evangelion Store at once so I can just make one order.
I'm sure you'll be able to get the ASSuka later on. I'm sure she won't even be released until at least November since she has a given release month of September, but we all know how Alter is...
0hace 3 añosMoroMoro
cl_Theo (hace 3 años) #2301804I know! I'm so excited for the last Eva movie! There was already a trolling incident with Anno where he had some kind of Japanese wooden light stand that has 3.33 + 1.11 on it!
I need more Asuka figures.

A light stand? Like a desk lamp or a booklight? Oh Anno.

You'll have no shortage of those, I'm surprised you haven't ordered Alter's Q Asuka! She's expensive, but when I saw the pictures of her I couldn't resist. I'm actually surprised because recently there's been a lot more Asukas than Reis. Usually it's the other way around.

Are you interested in the pretty little Evangelion Exhibition exclusive Asuka too? I have the Rei but since they're making all the other pilots I'll have to get the whole set.
0hace 3 añosmaximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
cl_Theo (hace 3 años) #2296963Isn't Alucard a vampire with bloodlust? What's this waifu stealing power thing?

Alucard from Castlevania genius , son of Dracula , at any rate short story both Noire and Ikaruga are mine now :3

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