cableddcabledd Resident AFKer and yuri fangirl at :3

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My name's Roxie and I love everything yuri, ecchi and ero figures, Dollfie Dreams, and cute and pretty things!

I run together with my fiance, a site focusing on all things ecchi, reviewing figures and anime series, along with covering upcoming figures we find interesting, posting tutorials, and doing round-ups of the stuff we buy!

Check out some of our articles! Site is NSFW
NSFW Yuri Akasaka - Winter Wonder Festival 2016 Red version - 1/6 Skytube Review [ext link ]
NSFW Tougetsu Matsuri - 1/6 Skytube Review [ext link ]
NSFW Hot Milk Girl - 1/6 Skytube Review [ext link ]
NSFW Kujou Shiho - 1/6 Daiko Kougyou Review [ext link ]
Ranko Kanzaki - Anniversary Princess ver ~Mad Banquet~ - 1/8 Phat Company Review [ext link ]

When I'm not working on the site, I can be found styling and co-ordinating Dollfie wigs and outfits, hunting down new purchases (and buying too much) on Yahoo Auctions and seeking the newest vanity items in Final Fantasy XIV!

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0Hace 1 meserza1erza1
the pleasure all my love your collection ,hope to add more sexy girl to my
0hace 1 añokodamaanimekodamaanime
cabledd (hace 1 año) #11500001Oh, the figma? Sure, let me know where you need a quote to :)

Yeah I already have her. Just misplaced her scarf and I hate having missing parts. I am in Long Beach, CA in the USA
0hace 1 añokodamaanimekodamaanime
cabledd (hace 1 año) #11499636Hello! Thanks for the friend request! :D

Thank you for the add! Also pretty interested in that Inori you have for sale.
0hace 1 añowulfpleiadeswulfpleiades
(Feedback) Sora arrived today on time and well packaged, thank you. Very good comms and helpful seller :)
0hace 1 añoRobokoRoboko (=^ ◡ ^=)
cabledd (hace 1 año) #10564867I'm glad! I had an awesome day too, thank you <3
Had a lazy weekend and now it's back to work D: lol

i'm glad you had an awesome day ^w^
if only we could get a week off u.u

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