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I began collecting because of the Black Rock Shooter Original ver., I missed her first release because I thought it was too much money for one figure. But I ended up regretting not buying her, and since then I have bought almost every BRS figure. Later on I also began to collect Vocaloid figures, but the BRS line is still my favourite one. I am also looking forward to the whole 7 Sins line and the rest of the 7th Dragon 2020 line. I really hope they are going to release all the characters :)

On this site you can see everything that I am selling: www.aniway.nl/f...
The site is Dutch, but there are pictures of almost everything that I am selling. If you want more info of something then please PM me :)
Tokyo Ghoul, D Gray Man, Shaman King
Artemis Fowl, Graceling, Kingkiller trilogy
Odin Sphere, Heroes Chronicles
Puntos MOE
Big weapons
Epik High, Muse, AKB48, Momoire Clover Z


Where the fun begins!