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A couple married, both freakly addicted to beautiful figures, especially Freeing 1/4 scale ones.

Everyday in search of the ultimate figure.

Our limits?
- Our bank account
- Space
- Smaller figures than 1/7 scale or 20 cm. Sometimes I've broken that limit. :P

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0hace 1 añoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Hey! Haven't found the other mouse pad you want yet.... I'm hunting! XD
Have found this one though. :)
[ext link ]
0hace 1 año (hace 1 año)Tiamat26Tiamat26
Vodkanroll (hace 1 año) #6371976Hi Tiamat26
Hi. Tiamat26
Yes, I noticed that God are a big fan of her. I've seen him in his youtube unboxings. If he is a "God" his room would be a temple xD. What an amazing room he has.
About Satellizer's figures, I think that the only two figures that really make justice to her are the first two, I mean, sexy version 1/4 and Damage version. Maybe the Aplus' Holyday version are "fine".
I got hooked to anime world thanks to Freezing first season and a year later I was part of the translation team who subtitled it to spanish. So I must say that she's also my Waifu xD.
By the way... Do you know here can I buy this item? I badly want it!
[ext link ]
Thanks gor written. The pleasure is mine!

Oh wow you subbed a series in Spanish that must have been fun to do. Freezing on top of that well Kudos on that one. I have to agree with you that the only 2 figurines of Satilizer that even come close to resembling her are the ones that you mentioned. I own the Damaged version of her in her authentic red dress From Eastern Genetics. That one is my one and only true Satilizer to me. e 1/4 sexy version is also very nice and would be one that I would consent to buying.

One more thing you are right when you spoke about Rockgotachi I consider him the ultimate Satilizer collector here.

= )


0hace 1 añoTiamat26Tiamat26
I can see that you have been hard at work you already found the Satilzer love club. Rock the guy that runs the club is a huge fan of hers. I am sure that you would get alomg great with him. Me I love the anime and I do have a few thing that relate to her but I fins that most figurines of here do not do her justice. Like I keep telling Rock " Cash grab" when I see yet another figurine where her face does not look like hers from the anime.

Nice avatar of her by the way.Pleasure to meet you.

= )

0hace 1 añoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Vodkanroll! :)

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