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I've just started getting into collecting anime figures this year but funny enough it started when I just started collecting movie figures (Aliens, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Ash Vs Evil Dead,etc). I eventually bought some anime figures after I started getting back into watching anime again and realized that there were so many beautiful and badass figures out there. My collection is growing slowly but I definitely get the feeling that it will be growing in the near future.

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0Hace 4 mesesUndeadslothUndeadsloth
WOOHOO just ordered my first JJBA Super Action Statue for my birthday and am now super excited for it to arrive in a few days. I almost forgot the rush of ordering and waiting for a package to arrive.
0Hace 4 mesesUndeadslothUndeadsloth
Thank you very much for the "Happy Birthdays" especially with how i've been feeling lately. Its greatly appreciated. Thanks.
0Hace 4 mesesYoakeYoake
Happy birthday!
0Hace 4 mesesCoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
Happy birthday!
0Hace 5 mesesfriziofrizio
Undeadsloth (Hace 5 meses) #21191289I won't lie, I absolutely love your JJBA collection photos.
Thank you very much!!
And thanks for your FR!

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