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I've just started getting into collecting anime figures this year but funny enough it started when I just started collecting movie figures (Aliens, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Ash Vs Evil Dead,etc). I eventually bought some anime figures after I started getting back into watching anime again and realized that there were so many beautiful and badass figures out there. My collection is growing slowly but I definitely get the feeling that it will be growing in the near future.

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0hace 10 díasUndeadslothUndeadsloth
WOOHOO just ordered my first JJBA Super Action Statue for my birthday and am now super excited for it to arrive in a few days. I almost forgot the rush of ordering and waiting for a package to arrive.
0hace 10 díasUndeadslothUndeadsloth
Thank you very much for the "Happy Birthdays" especially with how i've been feeling lately. Its greatly appreciated. Thanks.
0hace 10 díasYoakeYoake
Happy birthday!
0hace 11 díasCoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
Happy birthday!
0Hace 1 mesfriziofrizio
Undeadsloth (Hace 1 mes) #21191289I won't lie, I absolutely love your JJBA collection photos.
Thank you very much!!
And thanks for your FR!

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