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Yo, i'm a closet Otaku. Just kidding i'm only borderline - growing up as an asian kid I always loved anime so now that i'm in college and I have more free time, I can now enjoy all the anime I want. Gintama is amazing, Gundam Seed + Destiny is amazing, Evangelion is amazing, Steins;Gate is amazing, Natsume Yuujinchou makes me cry, and Binbougami ga is average. That is all. Oh yeah please support my hockey team in thailand by liking this page. [ext link ]

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0hace 3 añosKaito570Kaito570
Gintama is an awesome show I just wish they would make another season
0hace 3 añosUltramany121Ultramany121
Silenthalfotaku (hace 3 años) #1918550Hello , I would like to buy ur aoba . Please email me at gabrieldiaz818@aol.com thank u

I messaged you a while back
0hace 3 añosSilenthalfotakuSilenthalfotaku
Hello , I would like to buy ur aoba . Please email me at gabrieldiaz818@aol.com thank u
0hace 3 añosUltramany121Ultramany121
Xeiphon (hace 3 años) #1914916Hello there, are you re-selling 'Yagami Taichi 1/10 figurine' ??

I'm really sorry - somebody else already picked him up. I hope you get to pick him up! You should check out amiami or NY after he releases, they'll have him for sure
0hace 3 añosXeiphonXeiphon
Hello there, are you re-selling 'Yagami Taichi 1/10 figurine' ??

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