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Extremely boring and utterly plain. The basic history of a basic human living in a pretty average place. And getting by, somehow. Somewhat.

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1Hace 2 mesesQuickyQuicky
Hello TiggerShark,

To answer your question about the Picture: picture #1748450

If you mean the vines on the top of the showcase, they are real.
They need little light and only water, grow like weeds by themselves :D
The big bamboo is by the way artificial and was here to get: [ext link ]
An artificial keeps itself better in the apartment, after I have already ruined 2 attempts.

regards Quicky
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
1Hace 8 mesesPridyPridy
Thank you for your comment about BiJ :), really helpful :). I will try BigInJapan instead NY in my future purchases thanks <3.
1hace 1 añoKaminaKamina
TiggerShark (hace 1 año) #9853126Hope you received Tamayorihime and that there were no problems with her :). I've heard word that she's gorgeous~
Thanks for taking over the pre-order and happy Summer!

Got her! She's beautiful. Thanks so much. <3
1hace 1 añohoppelhasen0hoppelhasen0
I just bought the pre-order from TiggerShark for the Racing Miku 2015 and everything was fine! We stayed in touch, i got all answers when i asked something and i got updated with all the informations i needed !
Very friendly person, 10/10 would do again. :D
1hace 1 añoamy616amy616 Let's DANCE
TiggerShark (hace 1 año) #3728736Once again thanks for Miki :D. You packed her extremely well, and since I can't leave feedback because of the PM purchase, I can at least leave thanks here :P
Sorry again it took so long :( but good thing she arrived safely! I hoped I packed her right but I wasn't sure. Please give her lost of love, she would have been lonely over the long delivery :)

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