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I started actively collecting anime figures mid 2015 but I actually got my first figure in 2014 with the release of Naruto revolution. I've always loved anime and manga throughout the course of my life but it's only recently developed to the point where I actively watch/read and support the medium. My collection is still small but I dont ever plan on stopping anytime soon, My goal is to own 70 figures by the end of 2019.
Thanks for stopping by my profile and I hope my generic bio interested you! Feel free to hit me up or send me a request! Im open to anyone who wants to chat about this expensive yet greatly fascinating and exciting hobby! Till next time~

Still eagerly awaiting the day a PVC scale Alibaba Saluja figure is announced and released.
Preferably in his djinn equip like so:View spoilerHide spoiler

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0hace 20 díasT-dawgT-dawg Fictional Idols are the...
RedCloud (hace 21 días) #26346080Haha I'm not too fond in crane games so thankfully it won't kill me but I definitely want to try my luck at a few regardless!
And I'm going up there with my sister so it's made accomodation considerably cheaper, and we are also getting a rail pass as we are planning on venturing outside of Tokyo so we want to take full advantage of the Shinkansen as well :)
How good was your Japanese when you were over there? Did it feel like you needed to know a lot to do stuff like buying at the counter, ordering food etc.
Sorry for the all of the questions aha.
Thanks for the FR as well btw, I sent you one on MAL as well :)

How was my nihongo hmmmmm, I studied it for 3 years so it was okay I guess although I can understand them a little bit I was still way to shy to reply back so I just mutter something in English haha. In my experience most places nowadays have locals that can speak English so if you cant speak I guess youd be fine. I practiced phrases heaps though and I even kept a phrase book with me just in case.
0hace 20 díasazusamukamiazusamukami
RedCloud (hace 20 días) #26403951Loving the new Toga pic haha

Hi!! thank you!! himiko is bae!! who's that in your picture? she looks familiar.
0hace 21 díasBFCBFC
Yes! I'm a big fan :D always nice to see another fan! Kouko best waifu <3 RedCloud (hace 24 días) #26255194I see you are a big fan of Kaga Kouko as well
1hace 21 díasT-dawgT-dawg Fictional Idols are the...
RedCloud (hace 22 días) #26313271Oshit so does that mean you're still in Indonesia right now haha?
And holy shit yeah you and I know all about isolation it seems lmao. I've never been up there, I'd love to visit sometime tbh.
I'm also going to Japan btw! I'm going this November for 3 weeks, it'll be my first time there so I'm keen AF lol

Bro you are going to LOVE JAPAN. 3 weeks? Damn I was only there for 10 days but I will be back! You can check my blogs out if you like, it was such a blast #selfadvertising lol. Oh and dont go too crazy on the arcade machines in Akiba. Unless you're as skilled as me on crane games, lol They are designed to eat money haha. One more thing if you like kancolle you are also gonna love the arcade there. Lastly, get a big af bag if u plan on buying scales because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE SOME OF THEM YOU CAN GET SO CHEAPLY! Please do me a favour aswell...... Write a blog during your Japan travels! I would love to hear about your experiences!
1hace 22 díaskeesuzkeesuz
That Rem on ordered thoooooooo

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