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Office grunt by day, college student by night.

I dream of a decent Green Arrow figure that isn't based off the "Arrow" series.

Some day, Kotobukiya.

Some day.

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Optima Glass Display Cabinets: vhive.pa-rel.co...

OR Billy www.ikea.com/us...
Detective Conan, Gintama, Durarara
Jitsu wa Watashi wa
Rule of Rose
Puntos MOE
Klutzy People, Glasses


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Ose_93 (Hace 1 mes) #28313677xxxHolic, Detective Conan, AND bjds? How are we not friends yet? XDlol well they say it's a small world but the internet is huge! xD
:3 not often I see someone that knows xxxHolic. <3
Hace 1 mes
super Belated Happy Birthday!! \(^A^
i saw in the comment your birthday was 20 days ago :D

the new MFC is kinda confusing i thought my reply on your comment will go here (>A<
Hace 1 mes
Ose_93 (Hace 2 meses) #27200680I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Thank you!! :D
Hace 2 meses
I hope everything works out for you in the end with anime-island...my order was back in march and pretty much it looks like I'm out of money for ITEM #464666 unfortunately. I'll need to order that one again. At the point I'm never preordering in full again. I'm glad it was just one figure though. Just my luck as my first figure purchase in years.
Hace 2 meses
Ose_93 (Hace 2 meses) #26516292Thank you for the friend request!
We have pretty similar tastes in anime. ^^

Of course! I noticed that as well, and I thought it was pretty cool. You have a neat collection. :)
Hace 2 meses
Ose_93 (Hace 3 meses) #25571904Thank you! Glad that you like them ^^
Oh my, I wouldn't call myself an artist or anything since I haven't posted anything online in actual years. >///<
But I do have a very dusty DA with hardly any photos: iose93.devianta...
And here is something more recent: imgur.com/a/gxa...
I did consider making drawing videos since I like watching those as well, but decided against it since I don't tend to draw in an anime style and I don't think it would appeal to most people subscribed, haha.

I would call you an artist though! ;)
I see what you mean, it's true that anime fans tend to like anime style more. But it'd be great to see you continue with your art.
Thank you for sharing the links!

I'll be looking forward to more of your youtube videos!
Hace 3 meses
Ose_93 (Hace 3 meses) #25570554Thank you for the friend request!
Your artwork is so pretty, I really love the way you color. ^^
And man, I feel guilty for not drawing in such a long time. XD

Thank you so much!
I love your videos! That's how I found your MFC page.
Is there anywhere I can see your art? I didn't know you were also an artist!
Hace 3 meses
Ose_93 (Hace 3 meses) #25220582Right? I was sooo happy when I saw her. I never would have imagined Slayer's nendoroids! I can only hope they sell well so we get all the main cast. ;;

Can you imagine how cute a Zelgadis nendo would be?! But yes, they seriously need to do the 4 mains, but I would not mind an extra Xellos tossed in either. (Aren't pipe dreams nice? XD)

On the Detective Conan side I'm hoping for a Ran or Ai, but dangnabbit they did the freaking 'Culprit' before them so my hopes are not high. :/
Hace 3 meses
Ose_93 (Hace 3 meses) #25150926Thank you for the friends request! Nice to see another Detective Conan and Slayers fan.
My favorites are Zelgadis and Lina, too! And Jupiter is my favorite sailor scout. ^^

And it's a good year to be a Slayers & Detective Conan fan what with the new nendoroids! I must admit seeing Lina's was the highlight of this WonFes for me!
Hace 3 meses
MasterSora Orichalcum
Ose_93 (Hace 3 meses) #25150875Thank you for the friends request, I like survival horror games as well. ^^

I can't get enough of it, even though I'm always scared to death. xD
Hace 3 meses
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