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Videogames, gloomy music, anime, cyberpunk, Chinese food, pirates, kunoichi. Lady ninjas rule.


If I lived on a desert island I would dress up as a bear and live on coconuts and be known to passing sailors as the fabled bear who eats coconuts. I would also be dead from starvation as I don't really like coconuts, to be honest. There goes that plan, then.

As my username here suggests, I like Nami (One Piece) and I guess you could say she is my anime waifu. I should almost certainly prefer Robin-chan as she's not obsessed with money and she (sometimes) has more hands but what can you do? In any case, you definitely shouldn't care. I know I don't.

There are far too few figures of Helena (or Momiji!) from DOA. This perplexes me but not to the point that I want to stick my head in a hornet's nest. That would be beyond silly/painful. For the record, I saw a hornet once and it was bad.

I wish I was better at playing as Ibuki in Street Fighter V. Her moves and combos (and swimsuit costume DLC) are awesome. My ability to pull off said moves and combos is not even remotely awesome. Hopefully, Sakura comes to the game soon so I can suck at playing her, too. At least I'm OK with Cammy. "Spiral Arrow!", etc.

If I could cybernetically modify any part of my body it would be my eyes so I wouldn't have to wear glasses anymore and I could, in theory, see through walls and stuff. Or, maybe, I would swap an arm for a robotic limb so that I could crush cans of pop as if they were paper. Paper! Bwahahahaha! (Yes, I'm an idiot).

I don't always talk utter drivel. Honestly. I also have a cat.

P.S. Up yours, PhotoBucket, with your recent "no-third-party-hosting-unless-you-pay-$40-a-year" crap. I'll update this bio with pics again once I get everything moved over to another photo hosting site. (One that doesn't expect cash for the privilege).