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0hace 7 díasMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
MelKeigo (hace 12 días) #21006023Sooorry for the delay!! It's been kinda crazy over here hahah
EXACTLY I completely agree with your words and share the same feeling OTL Because I love the characters and the anime so much, I want to buy everything LOL I wish I could do it....
Yeah I'm also still considering, since there are also so many goodies I want to order as well...
The MH Yuuri also makes me reconsider even deeper LMAO and the announcement made at the event was a movie!! I'm super happy there's a sequel at least, but movie was a bit disappointing... I mean... considering how well the sales and reception for the show were.... season 2 should have been a possible reality... and movies are less accessible for international fans... even if it goes to the theatres, it will be later than the original release Dx if not, then the BD and DVD are the only options... which also take a while OTL
augh I used a lot of ... in this message sorry haahhahha

No worries! Sorry for my own late reply :3

I actually caved in and pre-ordered Victor; I'm so weak for this show I swear. I've decided to try focusing more on figures now, but there's still a SO MANY pieces of merchandise I'd like to pre-order, haha~ I'm trying to be brutal but it's so hard! xP

I'm excited for the movie, some people are thinking it might be a bridge between season 1 and a possible season 2. I have my fingers crossed for this scenario. But I totally agree, movies are so much harder for international fans to watch. Nonetheless I'm interested to see what the movie will be about and what time frame it will be set in.

Haha~ it's all the good.
0hace 12 díasItachi_Uchiha112Itachi_Uchiha112
Thank you so much ^_^MelKeigo (hace 15 días) #20900122Happy birthday!!
0hace 18 díasFutabaFutaba
MelKeigo (hace 18 días) #20762454Happy birthday dear!!
Thank you so much!!! ^O^
0hace 24 díasMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
MelKeigo (hace 24 días) #20506870PEOPLE ARE VERY CONFLICTED NOW me included!!! XDDD That yuri showing up now is confusing my feelings LOL
OH GOD BRING THOSE NEWS FASTER i need it like air hahaha
I'm being so over today sorrey hahaa XDDD
That's true! I'm checking like... every 2minutes... this is not healthy

In some ways I don't want to give in. But on the other hand I am terribly obsessed with this show and literally want ALL THE FIGURES even if they're not the great X'D I'll definitely be thinking about it a little more before I decide to order Victor. So much to consider.

I'm so hyped as well! Bring on the announcements, my body is ready! But maybe not my wallet xP
I honestly love how dedicated everyone is to this show, like virtually everyone in the YOI fandom is either freaking out because of possible season 2 announcements or because of the MegaHouse Yuuri announcement right now.
0hace 24 díasMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
MelKeigo (hace 24 días) #20506680Yeah exactly T3T
And MH announced Yuuri now ahhaha aahh
I saw a glimpse of Yurio's nendo just a few minutes ago!! Seems cute so far!
The yoi stage is going on now!! Twitter is going crazy~~~

I KNOW! I am so torn now, I'm not a huge fan of how Victor turned out but now there's a matching Yuuri and AHHH- I'm so conflicted X'D

I hope we hear some news about potential season 2! I've not been keeping up with Twitter but I know if something is announced it'll be everywhere X'D

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