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0hace 1 díaSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
MelKeigo (hace 4 días) #23761599Happy birthday!! +.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚
Omg thank you!!! <3
0hace 7 díashikaru187hikaru187
MelKeigo (hace 7 días) #23625747ヾ(◉ฺ∀◉ฺ。ฺ)ノ happy birthday!

(♥ω♥ ) ~♪ Thanks...
0hace 19 díasMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
MelKeigo (hace 23 días) #22955575HELLOO so soorry again for the delay
I have barely been using my computer and answering on the phone sucks LOL
Just a few days of not replying and so much has been going on in the fandom XD the new Yuuri nendo!! What did you think, are you getting him?? I'll try to say awake onn the PO day to grab him on GSC (it'll be around 4am my time lol)
And what america restriction? :o I don't remember what we were talking about previously AHHAHAHAH
And koto's Victor colored proto is out... what did you think? Personally, I'm drooling over his shoes wtf is tha so hot HAHAHHAH he looks a bit pale compared to his anime color, but I still like this fig... *sigh*
Anyway, talks about the moview were short in the AX but the olympics were mentioned.... AHhhhh I'm kinda anxious about it now hahahah

Haha~ no worries xD
The new Yuuri Nendo is so cute! His smiling faceplate is just the sweetest thing~! Love that he comes with extra parts for Victor's Nendo as well. I will definitely be ordering him. Since I'm in Australia I'm only an hour or so behind Japan's time zone so I'm grateful I don't have to stay up too late/get up too early to order him xP I'm planning on adding him to my cart the moment that clock ticks over, haha~
Unfortunately thanks to Banpresto the Q Posket Victor was restricted to the Americas only on AmiAmi so I had order him elsewhere. But it's all good, I ordered him for a decent price so I won't complain too much.
I think Koto's Victor is looking pretty good, love the contrasting textures of his outfit and shoes. My wallet is just grateful there isn't a matching Yuuri otherwise I'd be seriously considering pre-ordering him, haha~
I heard about that too. I'll take it with a grain of salt since it wasn't an "official" announcement so to speak XD I'm definitely curious as to what it will be about though. I worry we might be a bit let down by it, but knowing the creators I'm sure we can expect lot's of unexpected; but pleasant surprises! :D
0hace 20 díasalexieltalksalexieltalks
Thank you! ^^
The doujin hoodies are from [ext link ]
I'm so glad they fit the GIFT plushies!

MelKeigo (hace 20 días) #23073748Hello! Thank you for accepting! Nice collection! +.d(・∀・*)♪゚+.゚
Also, I found you because of this picture! (mfc link)
Hahah the hoodies are very cute!
0hace 20 díaspepecktpepeckt
MelKeigo (hace 20 días) #23085864Olá! Obrigada pelo FR!
Opa! Eu que agradeço ter aceito a solicitação! Aproveitando a oportunidade, se estiver pensando em vender algum item da sua coleção, me avise. Também tenho itens à venda na minha coleção, se tiver interesse, me avise. Grande abraço!

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