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I'm just a fellow neko figure collector and a Vocaloid fan. I like collecting figures of my favorite characters, and also playing video games. If you have something to tell me, feel free to leave a message below. Just don't be rudey!

Also if someone wants to add me as a friend, thank you but please send me a message first. I usually don't accept them randomly.

Have a nice day! Meow~! ❤

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1hace 19 díasKiruKiruKiruKiru
Mekuneko (hace 19 días) #25371572*sees a cool Len avatar*
Random message, but good taste. Have a nice day! o(≧∇≦o)

haha thank you <3
Len is my fav, I like your avatar too!
0Hace 4 mesesdimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Happy Birthday Mekuneko!! Wish you all the best! Enjoy your day :)
1Hace 6 mesesdimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you very much! :)
Mekuneko (Hace 6 meses) #19106586
1Hace 6 mesesRavenWolf1RavenWolf1
Mekuneko (Hace 6 meses) #18737686Oh it's your birthday! Happy birthday, and good thing I found you some budding. ^_^

Thanks you! (⌒‿⌒)

I ordered birthday present for me: item #5769
0hace 1 año (hace 1 año)AnimeGirl1350AnimeGirl1350
Mekuneko (hace 1 año) #14785975I was just thinking I’d be heartbroken to mark the figure not owned if the package was lost. That unfortunately happens to small percent of packages every year, but not wishing bad luck or anything. And it’s not really against rules to mark them already.
FPS stands for first person shooter, so it’s a term for games in that genre.
I’m actually supporting Haru and Tsuna as well. Wow, we have a similarity! xD But yeah there is not much progress on that matter.

I pay for EMS with all my package and I don't think I ever lost a package at all
Oh! Sorry but I don't play shooting games lol not a big fan of shooting games lol
I just find them so cute! I wish they would end up together!!!

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