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0hace 1 añoYatta_Yatta_ Migeru
Madhatter (hace 1 año) #5214482Hello Yatta,
I daw you are selling: item #216142
I read that you only ship to France, but could you make an exepetion? :)
I'm aware that I have to pay the shipping then.

Well we're Neighbors, if u are really from Germany off course.

So i can do an exception for you ;)

The total with the fees shipping and paypal is 82€ in details : Figure: 63€ , Fees Shipping: 16€ Fees Paypal 3€
0hace 2 añosDaiyaDaiya
I'm also interested in the Seras figure. But I'd like to wait for the same details as @manlets_WWTL as well.
0hace 2 años (hace 2 años)manlets_WWTLmanlets_WWTL
I'm interested in your hellsing figure you mentioned a few minutes ago. If you could tell me a bit about the condition and what you want for it we can go from there.


Madhatter (hace 2 años) #2568633I'm selling her. If interested please contact me.
(Half a year I wrote the same her, but I did not have internet most of the time. Sorry :c
But now!)
0hace 3 años (hace 3 años)grahamakergrahamaker
I don"t know whether you have seen my message or not but reply asap.
0hace 3 añosmedusoidmedusoid
Madhatter (hace 3 años) #2066210Hey, how much do you want for Ivy? :3

Thanks for contacting me. Let me know what you're thinking in terms of price and I'll get back to you. :)

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