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Leaveno1behind (hace 4 días) #2090251To be completely honest I know nothing about any of those sorts of figures or lines, It's pretty bad that I have no clue I know XD
And thanks! Always good to hear positive feedback on my stuff glad you enjoy em :)

ok,I guess I just have to wait for the third Trafalgar Law from Megahouse.He should do,too xD But chopper on the Legend Studio Law's head does look pretty cute :S oh,well,I have to deal with it.thanks for your reply :D you're welcome^^ keep up the good work xD Are you going to get Bellamy,too?I'm not a fan of his character (because he is actually nothing but a show off xD Luffy beats him easily) but his figure looks amazing *__* I'm so tempted to get him xD
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Hello! :D Your figure reviews are awesome^^ I know that you collect mainly POP figures from One Piece but do you know anything about the Legend Studio kind of chibi figures from One Piece?I can't find it anywhere :( I would like to get this one item #170290 but I'm not even sure if he is actually released yet because there are no painted pictures of him.
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 1 mes) #2019392Roobiinnnnn what about Nami? :D preskip nami we share, postskip you can take. im particular
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we can share robin ♥
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Hey man, just wanted to say that i love your videos :) I see that you are also quite happy with Aokiji :D
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I cant wait for your reviews, you do the best reviews ever and I really miss them T__T
0Hace 2 mesessunny88sunny88
Hey man, when you going to do a review on new figures? Been a while now XD
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 3 meses) #1898693This terrifies me for some reason lol item #190292

Lol I frigging love it though
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 3 meses) #1897417Soooo much to take in at once lol
-Rebecca looks really cute with her happy face expression lol, probably gonna get her depending on colors, not a big fan of her character too much so far idk why
-Law V2 is pretty humorous, I guess there's no limit to where MH will go for figures lol, probably gonna skip unless theres an alt of him totally shirtless like the WCF
-FZ Shanks battle ver looks incredible, his definition and detail looks amazing
-The three Supernovas timeskip as ichiban kuji figures look fucking amazing, puts the grandline men to absolute shame lol I reeeaaallly hope their pricing will be affordable!
-Really glad to see Kaku has some alt poses, really hoping for a giraffe head!
-That Tsume Usopp figure is insanely awesome, too bad it'll cost an arm and a leg
-Baby 5 FZ is a skip for me, not a big fan of the figure/character
-The IK Zoro line looks really lame, its literally from what I see just grandline men figures and the previous IK figure (ext link)

Mhm, Rebecca is Cool

Bellamy is whatever

Bartolomeo could be interesting

Cavendish is meh

Law 2 is lol worthy, but I feel the same on it as you do

Law, Killer, Kid new Kuji is FANTASTIC, can't wait

Skipping re-release of Zoro Kuji

New Ace Kuji looks AMAZING

Tsume Usopp is amazing, but yeah that price, no thanks

Baby 5/ Shanks FAZ, are meh for me
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Yeah thats always the problem with give aways, but you could make a youtube video, and ask for people to send you a video explaining why they deserve(a video of themselves) so if they try and send duplicates you'll know because you'll be saying the same person again.
0Hace 4 mesesCrawcodileCrawcodile
Hey when you doing a give away? Love ur videos!
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 4 meses) #1852722(ext link) I really really want a Law figure like this one *^*

I have absolutely no doubt we'll see something like that officially released, WCF already hinted at it: item #183162
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 5 meses) #1824255LOOOOOOOOOOOOK (ext link)

Everything in that link made me a happy person :')
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 5 meses) #1823948I can't wait for those new banpresto coliseum figures, (ext link) just look at Sengoku's trapezius/neck muscles!!

These sculpts look SO Promising, omfg I want all of them. Especially that Nightmare Luffy, Franky Shogun, Base form trunks and Law and Sengoku
I seriously hope they don't skimp the quality and paint on these because they're UBER promising!!!!
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 5 meses) #1819242So according to this and recent news we'll be getting time-skip Kid and Killer GLM figures?
(ext link)

Yep, I believe volume 19 will be TS Kidd, can't wait
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 5 meses) #1818410Hey I've had an idea for future POPs, just an idea thought I'd share. Do you ever think Megahouse would make dual POPs to make an action fight kind of figure? Similar to these (mfc link)

Hmm that would be cool... BUT it'd have to be like a super special occasion, like SUPER SPECIAL.
I couldn't see that happening otherwise as that'd be mega expensive. Mega has actually done those same figures on those same poses, but their style as a company is solo releases... I don't know if a mixed release suits them. It'd have to be carried out carefully that;s for sure
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 5 meses) #1807484HNNNGGGGG (ext link)

I actually found out this info a couple weeks ago, but yeah. Definitely looking forward to it!
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 5 meses) #1806857Welcome to MFC, somebody likes Sanji haha :)
Oooooh... I am in love with your figures~ O///O
I am into anime/manga stuff since 1997 but still my all time Nr. 1 is One Piece!
I started to collect figures last year because I saw in a random AnimeShop the pop mild Sanji figure.. and I couldn't leave him OwO
Soo.. I try to collect all the nice Sanji figures, after that comes Zoro, then Usopp, then......
There are way too much cool girls and guys in One Piece.. I just want to collect them all ^-^
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Leaveno1behind (Hace 6 meses) #1791078Notifications galore! Happy Birthday!!!

Lmfao, soooo many, just getting to them now, lol but thank you Leaveno1!!!!

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