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Hi guys! I am just an ordinary girl who loves to collect figures. It is always an awesome feeling to have some of your favorite anime characters come to life!
I also collect Pokemon cards, pins, and a few plushies here and there. It is great to know that there is a community out there who shares the same interests as me and who won't think it's weird...hehehe.

*side note*
I will put all orders I have paid for under "owned" even if they are preorders.
For the preorders I have yet to pay for will be under "ordered." :)

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0Hace 2 mesesYukina1987Yukina1987
Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyy
0Hace 2 mesesmurialitamurialita
Happy Birthday!
1Hace 2 mesesAlcindaftwAlcindaftw
Happy Birthday! :D
1Hace 2 mesesAimathystAimathyst TOM Affiliate
Happy Birthday! ^_^ ~ *
0Hace 4 mesesAlcindaftwAlcindaftw
Thank you for the friend request!

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