Knight-HartKnight-Hart Quickly becoming a Fate fan, despite my better judgement

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I'm a huge fan of anime and most of the sub-media that goes along with it. Light novels, visual novels, video games (Western and Japanese). Anime figures aren't the only thing I collect, as I somewhat collect digital art and definitely know my way around recognizing different artists' work. It's always a struggle to find good VNs because I'm not a fan of 18+ content (figures too), so I have to be pretty selective.

My favorite anime is Steins;Gate (and also one of my first), and the reason why I started collecting figures. Saw Koto's Kurisu, saw GSC's, got GSC's. As simple, more or less, as that. Speaking of both art (okay, a bit above) and Steins;Gate, I really love huke. huke is one of my favorite artists along with Takashi Takeuchi and Keitarou Takahashi. My profile pic is from Jormungand, a series (and another one of my favorites) by Keitarou Takahashi, drawn by huke in this instance.

I'm a watcher of dubs and I had the great luck to meet J. Michael Tatum at a convention a year or so ago. It was a pleasure to meet him and he was really quite a nice guy. The only drawback to watching dubs is I usually have to wait a few months to watch what everyone else is talking about, but I don't mind. It's usually worth it. Except for Sentai dubs.

And to wrap up, I'll mention another sort of collection I have. If you look under the "Lists" section on my profile, you'll find what should be a complete list of all figures in prototype/planning stages. Please use them if you want!

Here's a countdown to WonFes Winter 2017! [ext link ]

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0Hace 4 mesesNaelythNaelyth
Happy belated birthday!! I think we actually have the same birthday, how neat! :D I hope it was great!
0Hace 4 mesesKnight-HartKnight-Hart
Thanks guy ^.^
0Hace 4 mesesDeadIEndDeadIEnd
Happy Birthday Knighto Hearto
0Hace 4 mesesCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
0Hace 8 mesesDeadIEndDeadIEnd

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