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Hello〜! I’m Keira、 an anime/manga and VOCALOID enthusiast! I have a small collection right now、 but I’m planning to grow it to where I have a whole bookshelf of figures! I’ve been collecting since March 26th、 when I got my first petite of Nishikino Maki (item #331639)! I’m trying my best to get a good、 big collection for myself! It’s like real like Pokemon、 just not as hard (depending on your budget) (⌒_⌒;)

I'm also not very good at keeping to one series of trading figures ^^;

Collection rules: Anything and everything is OK!
〜Current Collection〜

〜First Figures〜
Prize:item #198588
Scale:item #331642
Nendoroid:item #396566
Petite: item #331735
In all:item #331735

My favorite figures that I own are my Lily item #111591、 Megurine Luka item #198591、 Hatsune Miku nendoroid item #396566 and Minami Kotori item #316795 figures!

My favorite games are the Hatsune Miku:Project Diva games by Sega for PlayStation3/4。 I also like the three Atelier games that I own。

My favorite anime/manga is Cowboy Bebop #1 favorite、 Himouto! Umaruーchan、 Love Live! and Black★Rock Shooter (≧∇≦)b

I’m in love with VOCALOID。 My favorite VOCALOIDs are SeeU、 IA、 Gumi、 Lily、 Otomachi Una and SF-A2 codename Miki。 Luka、 Rin and MEIKO are my favorite Cryptonloids。

My current obsessions are VOCALOID、 B★RS and Cowboy Bebop in particular。 I’m also (obviously) obsessing over figures most of the time in the day。 I also obsess over animes that I’ve recently finished or am watching、 but sometimes grow over it while still enjoying the anime。

Voice acting
Video games
✹Miku Miku!!(and other VOCALOIDs ♡♡
Figure collecting (obviously (*´ω`*))

ハズバンド ❤ Spike Spiegel

❤Kotori is my best girl❤

〜MidoriyaYoung Spike〜

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0hace 4 díasWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (hace 25 días) #20524853Yeah, I love Remote Control, haha. They have a while medly of Giga-P songs in Project Diva X, which actually made me really happy lol. Same! I would have to get a blind box of one with out the other lol! I haven't watched Code Geass, and I didn't realize Madoka was popular at the time I watched it. I've watched all the movies, and my favorite character is Kyoko. I wish I had more Madoka stuff, but I only have two petites and a nendoroid, haha. How about you?
Yeah, but I want full songs with videos and everything. T_T I'm still hoping the medley is just a sign of things to come. Oh and I didn't like how the last song just threw Miku in with 1, 2 Fanclub. I love Miku but she didn't have to be in every single medley. >.> The elegant medley was easily the worst for me though. Classic one was meh because I'm not a fan of Oster Project but the Miracle Paint ending was cute. I love Kyoko! But my favorite is Madoka haha, kind of typical but I wasn't expecting to like her as much as I did. You at least have more Madoka merch than me lol, I only have a Madoka clear file. The nendoroids are super tempting though. What did you think of the third movie?
0hace 25 díasWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (Hace 1 mes) #19968087Yeah, that's true. And thank you! I actually just got a Miku yesterday! My first Kagamine song was Remote Control, actually (after playing the demo for Project Diva F)! The figures are really cute, my friend has the Len one and I'm slightly jealous >.< And yes, I actually am! Madoka was my first anime that I watched, so I try my best to get a lot of Madoka figures, although I only have petites for now.
Thanks for the birthday message! I think my first Kagamine song was probably Remote Control too, but I first heard it when I was looking up gameplay videos for Project Diva F since the game hadn't been localized yet (and I wasn't expecting it to be haha). I wish they would use more songs from that producer for Project Diva games, they have such a cute style! And more Giga-P too. The thing with Kagamine figures is that I feel like I'd have to get both Rin and Len,like I can't have one without the other. And that makes them the most expensive. x_x Wow, my first anime was Code Geass which I should really rewatch because I forgot so much of it. :S I watched Madoka after all the hype had settled down, and I was kind of hesitant about it since I knew a ton of spoilers and I'm not a big fan of super dark anime but it was actually really touching! Have you seen any of the movies? Who's your favorite character?
0Hace 1 mesWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (Hace 2 meses) #19096085True, I guess I just never look hard enough, haha! My Lily prize (and Nendoroid) is the only non-Crypton thing I have TT^TT But I'll buy a Nekomura one probably when I have the money. 2,000 yen for a scale?? I thought I only dreamed of such a thing! The cheapest (and only) scales I have were item #331642 and item #331646. I always wanted that Gumi figure, but I never had the money TT^TT And the Lily ones are good, from the one I have from which I can tell. The only problem with mine is some of the molding on the hair isn't completely chopped off. And I know right?! I want to complete the Vocaloid line until they come out with new ones or stop making them (which will probably [and hopefully] never happen). The only figure I need left for their original outfits is Miku, since I just ordered Rin (item #198719) and Len (item #198717). I personally prefer this one item #144428 over this one item #114779 only for the eyes. The second Miku's eyes look so bland, especially in real life (my friend owns it). The first one though I always liked, and I thought my mom bought if for me since she put it in my cart by accident but she didn't, which is OK, as long as I get my hands on it one way or another lol!
If you look at places like Surugaya, they have the cheapest prices for everything. Of course you would have to use a proxy, but proxies like ZenMarket and Treasure Japan are really easy to use! Ooh so you basically completed the set, congrats! I still need figures of the Kagamine twins haha, they were my original favorites and they're just too cute. I really like the Remote Control prize figures too, love that song. The PDF Miku prize does look a lot better than the original Project Diva one though. Btw I noticed you have some Love Live and Madoka figures, are you a fan of them too?
0Hace 2 mesesWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (Hace 2 meses) #19003329Haha yeah. Especially with the new Rin and Len Dollfies, I could never keep up! What sucks about the non-Cryptonloid figures and how they're so expensive, is that there are almost never prizes for people with smaller budgets (like me), they're always scaled, which makes them even more expensive! The only prize for a VOCALOID I could find that wasn't scale or expensive was Lily!
There are a couple of cheaper Vocaloid scales! Namely Lily by Phat Company (item #41623) who goes for like 2,000 yen now and Gumi by Kotobukiya (item #144325), although I think Gumi went up a little since she binned. I bought Gumi at full price so that kind of sucked haha. And Nekomura also got prize figures that I think go for pretty cheap? Don't know what the quality is like on them though, some of the Lily prizes look really good. I especially like the one you have since it really looks like she's rocking out. XD Speaking of prizes, Sega is making so many pretty Project Diva ones!! I love the Sadistic Music Factory and Ribbon Girl modules. >.<
0Hace 2 mesesWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (Hace 2 meses) #18905485(Oh my goodness so sorry I'm late)
They ditched Aoki, too! I was really disappointed. I think a 1/1 Aoki would be really cute, though. I would love an IA, Yukari or Gumi figure, but they're all really expensive for my budget right now TT^TT a SeeU Dollfie Dream with poofy hair would be so cute!! >U<

It's okay! I've been really busy. >.< Omg I forgot about Lapis! Now I'm sad all over again haha, that really sucks. The prototype looked really pretty too. Ohh yeah, they could make a 1/1 scale of her! Wasted potential. :/ Yeah they are pretty expensive, it seems most figures of non-Cryptonloids go up in price too. The quality on item #167378 isn't that great and she leans but her price is still insane somehow. I didn't even think of a Dollfie Dream because I don't think I'd ever get one- so pretty yet so expensive. ;-; I bet most Vocaloids would make pretty/interesting Dollfies but SeeU's hair would have to be especially poofy lol.

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