IridescentFallIridescentFall いいよ~Has trouble with spending habits when bishounen are involved.>.>

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Hello there! ^.^ I'm just a regular anime/manga/game fan and fujoshi with my head in the clouds! I live in Ontario, Canada.

I love figures (as you probably guessed XD) because to me, they are a physical manifestation of the difference certain characters and series have made in my life; the virtues, values, and real-life friends. So I usually only collect from series I enjoy, with the occasional piece that has great design. I like arranging figures and other items, and finding new ways to accommodate an ever growing collection. My first figures were the Gurren Lagann and Enkidu Revoltechs, but it was the Tales of Symphonia One Coins that really caused me to start collecting.

I also collect anime, manga, magazines and artbooks, video games (mainly JRPGs), strategy guides, art prints and 3D art, fantasy novels, and a few other things. I have a decent amount of English manga right now (500+ volumes), English subtitled anime, and English video games, but I haven't added them to my lists. For now I'm just trying to stick to Japanese or imported items (since they're listed that way in the database.) Also some doujinshi!
I cosplay as well and put a lot of time and money into it! (But not really recently, due to full-time school. P:) Check out the link to my tumblr at the side for photos! :)
I'm currently studying Japanese in hopes of more traveling within Japan (I've been there twice so far). My abilities are all over the place, with reading as the strongest (N4/N3 perhaps) due to more frequent self-study.
Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to add me as a friend if you see that we have common interests!

Note: Current avatar was drawn by huiro on tumblr.

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0hace 12 díasChibiZeeChibiZee
Thank you for joining the Trigger Club!! :)
0Hace 4 mesesGabmag10Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Thanks for the friend request! I love your collection ^_^ I always enjoy reading your loot posts too!
0Hace 9 mesesSkyBlueSkyBlue
IridescentFall (Hace 9 meses) #14605448I've been trying to keep up with the latest chapters, but the last one had such a cliffhanger, it kills me! XD Volume 5 and the figures are in the mail now so I hope I get them soon! (I started fulltime school again this year, so that'll make time go by no problem while waiting!) Did you pick up Sublime's version? If so, how was it?
Volume 5 is really hawt and the figures are so adorbable~ They're really well made despite their size. Hopefully you'll get them soon :D Oh, what are you studying?
Haha I haven't had the chance to get the Sublime one but I may get them soon along with some other books I'm planning to get. But I have other Sublime titles and their translation can sometimes be a hit or miss but I'm just thankful I can get official translated BL in English regardless X'D
0Hace 10 mesesSkyBlueSkyBlue
IridescentFall (Hace 10 meses) #13994495Ahhh, I'm soooo late in seeing this (didn't see the notification?!), but thank you! Thanks so much for the awesome picture too- I love it!
Glad you liked it~ ^^ Ah I can't wait for Ten Count latest volume to be released along with those adorable figures! And the first volume from Sublime is finally released~! \(^0^)/
0hace 1 añoretixretix
Happy birthday!!

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