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0hace 3 añosbrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
Happy Birthday !! :D
0hace 4 añostkleotkleo
Ichigo-Sora (hace 4 años) #1478128Sure, no problem ^^
0hace 4 añostkleotkleo
I very like your pic,can i use it?
[ext link ]
If you dong't allow me,i will change.
0hace 8 añosfama226fama226 Micronize me
Let me be the second to welcome you to the board after my fellow Yuuka!
Your collection may indeed by small at the moment, but it sure is filled with some of the most top-quality figures around such as that fantastic Miku and equally great Yagami Hayate. I'm sure that your collection will definitely reach new heights as you continue to add to it, so keep on collecting and enjoy your time in the community!
0hace 8 añosYuuka_KazamiYuuka_Kazami MMS Type Trap
Welcome to Tsuki-Board Ichigo-Sora!
Good collection you have started there.
I hope you enjoy your stay!


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