GwennanGwennan Wind in the hair

I am what I am.
The wind in the hair, that light perfume lost in the labyrinths of mind, memories of what we were and will be...
I am what I am. And I like it.

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Acerca de mí

I have been collecting figures since 2006. That's quite a long period of time, I suppose. I always try to stop, cause there will never be enough place for figures, and there is never-ending story with new and cute figures coming. But I am still collecting and well, who knows...

In 2006 I have started to take photos in earnest. (That was an interesting year, I know...)
So now I just live with that l♡♡♡♡♡ve to photo-shooting.
You can always find my works at my pages:

on Flickr - [ext link ]
on 500px [ext link ]

Please feel free to add. :) I do love new friends. :)

As for characters I like, there is not so many man characters I admire, but here we have two nicest boys:

Also I am a huge Ritsu, Misaka, Louise, Kaede, Taiga and Hidamari Sketch fan.

Gwennan Weblog:
My blog was launched in January, 2008. You can find figure reviews I have in my big collection, photos and other articles. I know that I am a bit slow in reviewing, but I hope you will like my blog too, as I love it very much. Don't hesitate to go there and give me your impressions.


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