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!!I am selling my whole collection!!
I do holds, and bundle things. But please do not ask me to hold anything unless you are 100% certain you will pay for it.
Items that are favorited/hearted are on hold.
I am also selling pre-orders. Some of my collection is brand-new make sure to check out my shop, feel free to ask me about anything!

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01 hora antesvelocitycurvevelocitycurve
I'm a repeat customer which tells you everything you need to know! See comments below for my first review. Another very positive experience, thank you so much.
0hace 9 díasnaikouseinaikousei TAKe YOuR heaRT
Wonderful seller! Got a great deal on some of my most wanted figures. Shipping/packaging was perfect. Thank you!

0Hace 1 mesMsCarlyChiaMsCarlyChia
Thank you! I just received my items today! Will definitely gonna recommend you to others!
0Hace 1 mesvelocitycurvevelocitycurve
Thank you, experience was positive in every way! Everything arrived quickly, in condition as described, great communication throughout. Really appreciated your patience with my questions - two gigantic thumbs up!
0Hace 1 mes (Hace 1 mes)zzbopzzbop
My experience buying from you was wonderful, thanks so much! It arrived safely, very quickly, and exactly as described; communication was easy-peasy and you were so nice! 10/10, would buy again :)

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