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Enderspoink (Hace 3 meses) #25348085I usually keep the boxes for my figures. This is just in case I get into a financial situation and need to sell them, so I haven't actually thrown away any boxes for that my figures came with.
In the case of some of the figures I sell that have no boxes, I had actually bought them that way, so there were no boxes to sell them with in the first place.
Oh I see! Well thanks for your response ^^-
Hace 3 meses
Do you sometimes get rid of your figures' boxes just wondering if so I don't mind taking them it's better than throwing them out if so? :3
Hace 3 meses
Hello! I tried to respond to your message about the Red nendoroid but your inbox is full! I'm currently waiting to hear back from someone on whether or not they're going to buy it, so hopefully but tomorrow I should have a definite yes or no for you!
Hace 7 meses
Welcome to the board Enderspoink! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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