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I've watched anime since preschool and I've loved video games for almost as long--and I don't plan on growing out of either any time soon. Link is my favorite character of all time, but Asuna from SAO is my favorite female character. As you can probably tell from my collection, I also adore Sailor Moon, though I honestly mostly adore the manga. I'm also a little obsessed with Touken Ranbu <3

I'm a bit shy at first and I rarely initiate conversation, but I'm always looking for friends with similar interests, so don't be afraid to message me! Also, check me out on some other sites:

Twitter: [ext link ]
Instagram: [ext link ]

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0Hace 1 mesConuresansConuresans
Happy Birthday! :0c
0Hace 1 mesmahou_shoujomahou_shoujo
Happy Birthday!
0hace 1 añoHevlaska573Hevlaska573 I noticed senpai
ElfOfVirtue (hace 1 año) #12094155Happy belated birthday!!!! I hope it was a great one :3
Thank you! ^^ It was a good day~ <3 I read what happened on your foot on fb btw! ;A; I hope it gets better soon~!
0hace 1 añofry133fry133
ElfOfVirtue (hace 1 año) #10691304Happy Birthday!!! ♡ I hope it's a special one filled with fun, cake, and waifus. ^^

Thaqnk you Elf :D means so much!
0hace 2 añosHevlaska573Hevlaska573 I noticed senpai
ElfOfVirtue (hace 2 años) #3101735Happy happy birthday!! I hope it's a wonderful one <3
Thank you! <3 So far seems like it's the best one I've had in quite a few years~~ ^^

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