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Brazilian, otaku, fan of: anime, manga, comics, action figures and video games.

A perfect dreamer, where in my own head I even created my own team of super heroes lol

Big fan of the Super Sentai series, especially Gokaigers, Akibarangers, Shinkengers and Hurricangers.


Very grateful to have lived through childhood in the golden age of Brazilian TV, where thanks to the Manchete broadcaster (rest in peace) I was able to meet heroes and villains that influenced my personal taste and lifestyle to this day.


An person in a eternal love. How not to love someone sweet, dedicated, strong, beautiful, kind and loving? Hinata-hime ... I just love you !!


Thanks to Akira Toryama, Masami Kurumada and many other fantastic authors for the creation of their supreme works and especially to Yoshihiro Togashi for the creation of Yu Yu Hakusho. Anime for which I am a super fan and I consider it the best of all time.
Yu Yu simply possesses all the necessary ingredients for a perfect anime. Especially the Dark Tournament, my source of inspiration for my play with action figures during childhood = D


Great fan of Gemini Saga, Itachi Uchiha, Vegeta, Hiei and other characters with a dark style.
A deep admirer of beauties like Alleyne and Wonder Woman. Respectively the best and hottest in anime and comics universe


All FR will be very welcome and I will accept all.
I like to talk a lot about everything related to our world otaku = D


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