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http://s12.postimg.org/qwvq4jsrd/391545_reddit_logo.jpghttps://www.reddit.com/user/DanteMagica/(Under Construction)
I'm a regular guy from Tulsa Oklahoma but I orignally am from Chiago Illinois. I am half Japanese and used to live in Japan the first few years of my life.
Art is my passion in life, video games, movies, and I LOVE ANIME! I grew up watching Doraemon, Crayon Shin chan, and Pokemon (which was the start of my collecting obsession, the toys not the cards) but first and foremost Sailor Moon (some of my earliest memories were watching and drawing Sailor Moon) so you will see me collect a lot of magical girls and Gundam model kits.
Nice to meet all of you!

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0hace 1 díaBoyish-figureBoyish-figure
Its today actually. Thank you sooooo much!
0hace 2 díaslightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
Hey, I have some issues with my phone, therefore no reply. Sorry. ><
0hace 21 díasKelseydelallaveKelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
DanteMagica (hace 23 días) #21785900I'm doing great, any cool new figures?

I'm good, how are you? I just recently got a ginko figure ^.^ I love him! What about you? Anything cool?
0hace 23 díaskatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
DanteMagica (hace 24 días) #21734828Have you gotten a shipping notification from rightstuff for saber yet??(・ω・)ノ

Hi there! No, unfortunately I have not... I know it usually takes a few days for them to go through all the pre-orders after the product arrives though, but don't know anything else beyond that- sorry!
0hace 24 díasKelseydelallaveKelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
DanteMagica (hace 25 días) #21717184Happy happy Birthday!!♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Thank you!!! Hope youre doing well!

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