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View spoilerHide spoilerMovies, fashion, and figure collecting. Sci-fi is my favorite genre.

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0Hace 3 mesesCoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
Undeadsloth (Hace 4 meses) #21497859Happy birthday.Cybogirl (Hace 4 meses) #21497398Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! My reply is a bit late but than you <3
1Hace 4 mesesUndeadslothUndeadsloth
Happy birthday.
1Hace 4 mesesCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
1Hace 5 mesesTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
Oh lucky you have Mista RAH. He looks so nice
0Hace 6 mesesCoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
sailormars (Hace 6 meses) #19123022Congratulations on the Killer Queen RAH find! I saw how excited you were about him and I thought it was really awesome. :D Thank you! I haven't gotten aroumd to the article yet since I've been pretty busy since then but it'll come soon-ish

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