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Thought I'd add a few miscellaneous facts about me here

★ Cyborgs are bad ass
★ Perfect Blue is one of my favorite Satoshi Kon films
★ I cry everytime I listen to the EoE soundtrack
★ I almost always fall in love with the antagonists
★ Noriaki Kakyoin is my #1 waifu. As you can tell from my favorites list, I also tend to fall for View spoilerHide spoilercharacters that die
★ I've got 2 Evangelion tattoos, and a Perfect Bue tattoo as well
★ Not a big fan of sweet food
★ Talking about why I love JJBA makes me an emotional baby
★ Favorite PS2 game is Katamari Damacy
★ My favorite artists: 羅雨時 [ext link ] & Kaneoya Sachiko [ext link ]
★ Platinum 2 in LoL

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0hace 7 díasCoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
sailormars (hace 7 días) #19123022Congratulations on the Killer Queen RAH find! I saw how excited you were about him and I thought it was really awesome. :D Thank you! I haven't gotten aroumd to the article yet since I've been pretty busy since then but it'll come soon-ish
1hace 7 díassailormarssailormars
Congratulations on the Killer Queen RAH find! I saw how excited you were about him and I thought it was really awesome. :D
1Hace 2 meseslavalunarlavalunar
Opened up Tsurumaru today and he looks lovely on display! Thank you again for the great sale ~
1Hace 5 mesesIcerIcer
Hello, I read your recent post as well and I came to say that sometimes opening up might be the key to feeling better.

Try talking to people that you trust about how you truly feel. I can't guaranty if it will make you feel better or if that person can accept you for who you are, but letting your feelings bottle up inside you might not be a good decision.

Who knows maybe you might find people that can truly understand you!

I wish you all the best!
3Hace 5 mesesXiquelleXiquelle fathomless zenith
I read your post, "Can I overcome this?" and since comments are disabled there, I wanted to just let you know here, that I read what you said, and a lot of it resonates for me. I often remind myself, even when I don't believe the words: "You are more than your emotions, and this too shall pass. Hope abides even if you don't believe it."

Just my two cents. I wish you joy.

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