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I collect scales, Nendoroids, and Figmas from my favorite series. I prefer them in outfits that best personify their presence in the series (like a school uniform rather than a bikini). Usually I'll try to collect multiple characters of the same series from the same company so they can fit well together. If I really like a character I may get more than one figure of her/him.

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0hace 1 añoR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Cantisama (hace 1 año) #12208472Have a happy birthday fellow CAG ^^
Thanks ^^ Didn't sleep well, but should be a good day otherwise.
0hace 1 añoSpinzakuSpinzaku
Can you make photos of the Chitoge figure please?
0hace 2 añosR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Cantisama (hace 2 años) #3121403Happy ┌iiii┐ Birthday :D
Thanks ^^
0hace 3 añosLeopoldLeopold
Hey Canti! Any news for anything good coming out?
0hace 3 añoslonesomefollylonesomefolly
Cantisama (hace 3 años) #2167000You won't pay customs to US regardless of shipping method unless the value is like $2000+. Between Fedex and EMS to US, I go with whichever is cheaper. EMS usually takes 2 days to reach me and Fedex takes 3-4 days.

Oh, thanks a lot for the info. My country is the absolute opposite, we have to be very careful with the shipping T_T

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