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0hace 1 añoFigureGunplaFanFigureGunplaFan
Happy B-day, ya rich collector!
0hace 2 añosNiteSeekerNiteSeeker
Happy Birthday
0hace 2 años (hace 2 años)yangbangbooyangbangboo
Shit, I totally forgot about exchanging the Makise Kuriso (Lab Coat Ver.) for something else (maybe DxD figure or sth).
Too late now?

Akseru (hace 2 años) #2922293Ok, no problem.
0hace 2 añosyangbangbooyangbangboo
Cool ill stop by sometime again. Btw, i still have my Steins;gate Makise Kurisu I bought 3/17/15 but I decided I like the brown coat one more. I know the 30 day policy, but can I still exchange it? Never opened w/ receipt still.

Akseru (hace 2 años) #2921091Some of them are. Nendo Yoshino available but not cheap... We only got 3 pcs in.
0hace 2 añosyangbangbooyangbangboo
KlK and DxD figures unboxed yet?

Also, Yoshinon nendo #395 available?

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