Persona 3 - Sanada Akihiko - Game Characters Col...Persona 3 - Sanada Akihiko - Game Characters Collection Mini (MegaHouse)





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Comentarios (7)

0hace 2 añosDittoDitto
I really want this lil guy, please let me know if you're selling
0hace 3 añosAkihikoAkihiko
uwah I want this so badly
0hace 3 añosLookAliveEmmaLookAliveEmma
I want to buy him ;~;
0hace 4 años (hace 4 años)teashapedteashaped
Want to buy him, if you have him for sale let me know. Was gonna split a box from Surugaya but they messed me up with my order. :(
0hace 6 añosmunnydunnymunnydunny
i want to buy something at a local store. and then i saw a pack of this. i ask the shopkeeper, "could i have that one" i was referring akihiko. and then i got him. he's so cute >w<
0hace 6 añosmomomomo
lol. lucky day~ bought a random box of the charms and got Akihiko! :3 Who I wanted ^^
0hace 6 añosTabbykitTabbykit
It shocks me no one is commenting on Akihiko's charm. >_>

<3<3<3 oh man I want this charm so bad. ><;


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