Bleach - Tia Harribel - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Bleach - Tia Harribel - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)


Bleach - Tia Harribel - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)





© Alpha x Omega / Kubo Tite / Tanaka Touji

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0hace 20 díasGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
I just bought her, new, for far too much, just like I did with Neliel. But at least my hunt for the best girls ever is over.
0hace 20 díasha1fbreedha1fbreed
Pictures don't really translate to how awesome this figure is in the 'flesh'
Was a genuine pleasure to add her to the collection, the detail and quality is exquisite.
0hace 21 díasGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
Takasugi (hace 22 días) #2292503Another for 5,980 JPY (ext link)Aw COME ON, I went to bed literally just when she must've come up, the last thing I did before I went to bed was check for her..
Thanks though, and grats to the lucky one :)
0hace 21 díasNerylisNerylis
Takasugi (hace 22 días) #2292503Another for 5,980 JPY (ext link)

Aww, im just too slow QQ
0hace 22 díasTakasugiTakasugi
GreenIllusion (Hace 1 mes) #2277876Aw, missed her, hope she shows up again soon ;_;
Another for 5,980 JPY (ext link)
0Hace 1 mesGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
Takasugi (Hace 1 mes) #2276839A/B 5,980 JPY (ext link)

Aw, missed her, hope she shows up again soon ;_;
0Hace 1 mesTakasugiTakasugi
A/B 5,980 JPY (ext link)
0Hace 2 mesesTakasugiTakasugi
B/B 4,780 JPY (ext link)
2Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)TheFourthHokageTheFourthHokage
youji (Hace 4 meses) #2094287omg Tia ;-;
View spoilerHide spoilerher death made me cry so much

View spoilerHide spoilerShe's not dead
0Hace 3 mesescwbyfayefayecwbyfayefaye
I just bought her. She is an awesome looking figure! Very detailed and sexy looking, who can argue with a very reasonable price of $105 :D

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