Bleach - Tia Harribel - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Bleach - Tia Harribel - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)


Bleach - Tia Harribel - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)





© Alpha x Omega / Kubo Tite / Tanaka Touji

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0Hace 1 mesSatheaSathea
I'm looking to sell this Harribel as part of a lot with Hiyori, Rangiku and Toshiro (all 1/8). The hilt on her sword has a clean snap on one of the guards as a result of my gf's clumsiness, so I only expect the shipping fee for Harribel (it can be fixed easily enough, and I have glue/epoxy/an airbrush but cba as I'm not displaying anything Bleach). The rest are mint.
0Hace 2 meseswould_iwould_i
Selling mine! PM me!
1Hace 2 mesesmusdymusdy
I can die happy if I can get her.
0Hace 3 mesesGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
I just bought her, new, for far too much, just like I did with Neliel. But at least my hunt for the best girls ever is over.
0Hace 3 mesesha1fbreedha1fbreed
Pictures don't really translate to how awesome this figure is in the 'flesh'
Was a genuine pleasure to add her to the collection, the detail and quality is exquisite.
0Hace 3 mesesGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
Takasugi (Hace 3 meses) #2292503Another for 5,980 JPY (ext link)Aw COME ON, I went to bed literally just when she must've come up, the last thing I did before I went to bed was check for her..
Thanks though, and grats to the lucky one :)
0Hace 3 mesesNerylisNerylis
Takasugi (Hace 3 meses) #2292503Another for 5,980 JPY (ext link)

Aww, im just too slow QQ
0Hace 3 mesesTakasugiTakasugi
GreenIllusion (Hace 4 meses) #2277876Aw, missed her, hope she shows up again soon ;_;
Another for 5,980 JPY (ext link)
0Hace 4 mesesGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
Takasugi (Hace 4 meses) #2276839A/B 5,980 JPY (ext link)

Aw, missed her, hope she shows up again soon ;_;
0Hace 4 mesesTakasugiTakasugi
A/B 5,980 JPY (ext link)

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