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20Hace 2 mesesSnowZeldaSnowZelda
You know what else would be awesome? A Minami is this outfit :3
They would look bomb next to each other haha
16Hace 5 mesesriringoriringo
FINALLY it's not love laika outfit.

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0hace 8 díasceasolceasol
Oh my she is gorgeous!
0hace 9 díasWhacked_DanWhacked_Dan
She's so pretty...
4hace 10 díasCho-LinCho-Lin Never enough iM@S ♥
Omg she looks absolutely stunning <3
4hace 10 díasriringoriringo
Oh man her coloured prototype looks great! Might have to budget for her...
0hace 10 díasDeepEyesDeepEyes
Damn, she is lovely *0*
0hace 10 días (hace 10 días)Raikiri29Raikiri29
I would prefer a 1/7 scale so she can go with the new Ranko of Alter who will be release in november.
Well I will probably preorder her
3hace 10 díasSnowZeldaSnowZelda
*sets painted prototype as my phone's wallpaper
0hace 10 díasSmeySmey
She looks lovely <3
0hace 10 díasAzulejoAzulejo
Painted prototype at Kahotan's twitter!
[ext link ]
It looks great!
0hace 15 díasAzulejoAzulejo
Somewhere I heard that Phat was going to be the manufacturer instead of GSC, Anyone knows something about it?

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