Overwatch - Tracer - Nendoroid #730 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)

Overwatch - Tracer - Nendoroid #730 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)
Escala & Dimensiones
H=100mm (3.9in)
Fecha de lanzamiento
08/28/2017 As Standard
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277 comentarios

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tacholaRGBlv16 loves you!!
god is real and shes a gay 3 inch figure i love her
Hace 8 meses
If they just threw the nendo at us like this... I can't picture what they have for WonFes2017. May god have mercy on our souls.
Hace 8 meses
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Guess I got lucky cause mine didn't have a bad painting. But it's nice to know that GSC respects their costumers and replace parts. I unboxed her 20 minutes ago and she's already one of my favorites. I played Overwatch on the free weekends only, I suck at playing as Tracer but she's an adorable Nendoroid I and don't regret buying her. I was surprised they even included a pair of hands to simulate the "floating guns" when she recalls. They did their homework. Now I hope one day Widowmaker and Pharah join my collection, along Tracer and Mercy.
hace 3 días
I sent GSC pictures of her sloppy visor and they're sending a replacement!! I'm so excited, she's going to be perfect.
hace 11 días
My spare parts arrived today from GSC so I have no further complaints. She looks adorable :D
hace 18 días
Just finished my review of her. This is a great first items in my upcoming collection of Overwatch merchandise. :D

hace 20 días
I just opened mine. She is the cutest chibi lesbian ever! <3
hace 23 días
Very cute, this might be the only OW figure I get since I've grown less enamored with the game, but I'm happy with her. Looks like GSC finally figured out how to do those "super articulated bodies", I HATED all of the MGS ones with it. It feels like she's really lacking as far as EVERYTHING goes, no accessories or anything except the bomb and the guns and like 4 hands. I know she doesn't really have anything in the game, but I'm sure GSC could have thought of some fun cute stuff. Maybe a little pachimari plush for her to hold?
hace 23 días
Compared to my other nendos her paint job is sloppy but not as bad as what I've seen here. It breaks my heart too since she's my favorite OW character. I love her still and thankfully her only smudge is on the back of her chronal accelerator. I don't know if just that is worth contacting GSC or not..
hace 24 días
Like the past few comments, my nendoroid Tracer also has paint defects particularly the torso area. Already contacted GSC and provided pics, fingers crossed that they'll replace the defected parts. :/

Think GSC may have dropped the ball on this one as the paint job is really sloppy compared to their usual standards, kinda disappointed. :(

Still her poses are great and she still makes for a cool nendoroid to display, as long as you don't look too closely...

Update: GSC sending replacement with tracking, yay!
Update2: Replacement parts are here & she's perfect now!! :D
hace 25 días
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