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© Flare / Hashimoto Ryou / Hoshina Eimi / Tony Taka

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0hace 8 díascookie_on_firecookie_on_fire
Flare should hurry up and open preorder so I can throw money at monitor.
0hace 10 díasalazif03alazif03
OMG! the paint job is wonderful (scultp is very good too). They managed to catch her expression so well. I'm in love with her. She'll be my 1st Flare figure. She's way better than Blanc Neige or Roselinde.
2hace 12 díasFree_PhiFree_Phi
Every time I think Tony is utterly overexposed, someone sculpts one of his characters in a completely irresistible fashion. This one and Grizelda (item #464791) dominated the excitement at Wonfes as far as I'm concerned. Both Flare.
I'm surprised nobody has updated the thumbnail with this exquisite colored face sculpt yet.
Why haven't I? you ask?
Too lazy!
0hace 14 díasmarseillemarseille
Wow, I'm really impressed by this prototype, the colors, the body sculpting, her face... everything is perfect! In my head, she's already pre-ordered!
1hace 16 díasKnight-HartKnight-Hart
Thought her name was syphilis for a second.
0hace 17 díasCrazyBilkesCrazyBilkes
Instant preorder lezgooooo!
4hace 21 díasWhacked_DanWhacked_Dan
Colored version looks beautiful. Preorders when?
1hace 23 díasDanoasisDanoasis
Oh wow, she looks great! [ext link ]
0Hace 2 mesesSomeStupidGuySomeStupidGuy
cookie_on_fire (hace 1 año) #13751857I agree lol. However, if you look at her character design, it simply seems like the bottom portion of the outfit (the blue part) is removed and replaced with something else.

As far as I can tell, it's based around this pic
0Hace 6 mesescookie_on_firecookie_on_fire
Whacked_Dan (Hace 6 meses) #18365189Finally, the prototype! Now to wait for preorders to open!
They'd have to paint it first XD

But wow, the sculpt so far is spot-on! As expected of Hashimoto Ryou.

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