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Katanagatari - Togame - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban K...Katanagatari - Togame - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium Nishio Ishin Anime Project (Banpr...



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Ichiban Kuji Premium Set - B Prize



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0Hace 6 mesesBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
0Hace 11 mesesspecki8848specki8848
selling her
0hace 1 añoSilverJinxSilverJinx
SoresuMakashi (hace 1 año) #3364754If only I lived in the US...

Depending on where you are I might be able to help with that. Go ahead and P.M me if you're still interested ^^
0hace 1 añoSoresuMakashiSoresuMakashi
SilverJinx (hace 1 año) #3323569selling with hitei hime with a starting bid of 99 cents!! [ext link ]

If only I lived in the US...
0hace 1 añoSilverJinxSilverJinx
selling with hitei hime with a starting bid of 99 cents!! [ext link ]
0hace 2 años (hace 2 años)AmyInWonderlandAmyInWonderland
Selling mine for $30 free shipping within US. Just bought her from amiami and I never opened it; she looks like her box has never been opened. I bought the smaller scale figures so I don't need this one.
0hace 3 añosiheartcurryiheartcurry
Selling for $60 (I paid $65 for mine ORZ)
0hace 3 añosAmyInWonderlandAmyInWonderland
[ext link ]
2,100 yen on jungle
0hace 4 años (hace 4 años)JoichiJoichi
I have Togame (prize fig) for sale and discounted $50 + shipping! Pm me for details - She has been finally SOLD! *Cheers*
0hace 5 añosAmyInWonderlandAmyInWonderland
[ext link ]
3k yen mandarake

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