Final Fantasy IX - Bahamut - FF Creatures Kai vo...Final Fantasy IX - Bahamut - FF Creatures Kai vol. 2 (Square Enix)



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Comentarios (6)

0hace 6 añosKoujiKouji
but it worth as awesome it is
0hace 7 añosBlackBahamutBlackBahamut
Ok nevermind, got him on ebay and he was delivered today^^
But frankly, I´m a bit shocked how small he is...
0hace 7 añosBlackBahamutBlackBahamut
Has anyone seen a page where the new figures can be preordered already? Haven´t seen Bahamut and co on HLJ and HobbySearch so far... ._.
0hace 7 añosDrakogyDrakogy
The bad ass one!!
0hace 7 añosWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
Yeah it's the FF IX one.
0hace 7 añosBakoursBakours
It looks like the FF IX one?


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