Kotoura-san - Kotoura Haruka - Nendoroid (Good S...Kotoura-san - Kotoura Haruka - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)




© Good Smile Company / Nendoron / Oda Tsuyoshi

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2Hace 6 mesestrudycooper101trudycooper101
3hace 1 añosneakersneaker
3hace 1 añonaftienaftie
0hace 1 añoscizoscizo
0hace 2 añosueggg98ueggg98
Kotouraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(
1hace 2 añosTheYuiChanTheYuiChan
Kotoura sannnn ;A;
0hace 2 añosbuffoonbuffoon
Shinigamiyoko (hace 2 años) #2824303This is going to become my new 'long lost' item #98667 isn't it? ;_;

Since the anime is being released in the US next month, you would have thought it would be an ideal time for them to release the figure. It's disappointing as there's very little available for this sweet anime. I managed to pick up a poster at Crunchyroll a while back at least so I have something to represent it in my collection but this would have been preferable!
5hace 2 añoszeroibiszeroibis
Hopefully we will see her and or a S2 one day.
1hace 2 añosShinigamiyokoShinigamiyoko
damielrabanes (hace 2 años) #2591266Regarding your inquiry, the project has been suspended for some reasons. This is going to become my new 'long lost' item #98667 isn't it? ;_;
1hace 2 añosStalkingStalking Loli hunter
Why must they play with our hearts like this?? ;_;

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