Valkyrie Complex - Kyrie Rason - 1/8 (Good Smile...Valkyrie Complex - Kyrie Rason - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)




© Good Smile Company / Hiroshi (Sakurazensen)

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0Hace 1 mesJosineJosine
This figure looks absolutely rad, it's the kind of figure I would buy without knowing the source material. It's an absolute shame that GSC never made plans to release this five years after they revealed the painted prototype.
2Hace 11 mesesSythellriSythellri the Phoenix
This is item 13,761 on MFC. The most recent addition today is 486,587. We are approaching 500,000 more entries and this figure. I can't believe GSC won't at least cancel this officially rather than keeping us hoping
1hace 1 añoKashyKashy
0hace 1 añoDivineDivine
Really wish they would have made this, I love Valkyries, and this is one of the best figures I have ever seen
6hace 2 añosiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
"Omg When is this coming out?"

"It's painted! When's the release date?"

"This is taking forever, c'mon, GSC!"

"You could make so much money off this!"

"At least say it's cancelled!!"

"Will never happen.." #tsundere

"Alright! I got a reply from GSC.." #lies!

2hace 2 añosgoliathusgoliathus
I think this is abandoned already.
Too bad the figure is so good even after 5 years.
0hace 3 añosFabienneFabienne
will never happen...
6hace 3 añosaeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Believe it or not it's still 'not cancelled'. I emailed GSC recently and they said they can't say anything about it now and it will take some time.

Just give us the news GSC, we can take it.
0hace 3 añosastrumastrum the unnecessary guy
3 years... wha? o.O
0hace 4 años (hace 4 años)Kanda_Im_mortalKanda_Im_mortal
WOW, so beautiful and epic! I like it, but...
Now - after Madoka, Inori, Racing Miku ect. when I see a mark "Good Smile Company" I have really bad taste at tongue about it ~____~

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