Magical Suite Prism Nana - Oribe Kotone - Nendor...Magical Suite Prism Nana - Oribe Kotone - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)




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0hace 4 añosMiiishaMiiisha Rock-'n-Roll✿Princess
She's supercute!
0hace 4 añosMerleaweMerleawe
New photos!
0hace 4 años (hace 4 años)MerleaweMerleawe
I think they have already been painted now, judging from the caption of the new photo saying it was an old photo.
0hace 4 añosMadoka-chanMadoka-chan
I waiting for you <3
0hace 5 añosAshen-phoenixAshen-phoenix
Given the one-two punch to my wallet in the past, I'll wait for the figmas of these lovely ladies to come out. Loving Oribe's design here, and the weapons they seem to use.

Can't believe they're getting figures even before the series airs.
0hace 5 añosmihotomihoto
........ I want this !! <3
0hace 5 añosHatchuuHatchuu ADDR:HATCHUU_TEIWAZ_MFC...
I'm pretty sure these nendoroids are computer sculpted. I thought so before, but the recent photo of Kotone, and the textures on her hair make her look computer sculpted/printed~
0hace 5 añosBeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
She'll look so adorable with her guitar.
0hace 5 añosneko8124neko8124
the cutest out of the 3 I have to have all of them
0hace 5 años (hace 5 años)kamimareekamimaree
hahhahahah good smile is so freaking quick with puella magi figures specially this one i mean the anime hasnt aired yet


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