94hace 1 díaugendougendo ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一
I thought we were all shit with money? No? Oh
63hace 1 díaVeroxionVeroxion
It does get old, but honestly life does happen and yes, it is a valid excuse. My pet gets sick and I need all of my savings? Damn right I'm hoping delays pop up so I can push and stretch my income a little further, so I don't have to cancel and potentially get permanently banned at some stores.

Seeing the comments is discouraging, but really this site is for people to talk about figures and express their opinions. Even ones you don't agree with.
31hace 1 díamurdochmurdoch
I don't really understand the point of this article haha, I've never "wished for a delay" neither but I also never give a shit when other people do. People have their reasons, and it doesn't concern me. It just seems like such a trivial thing to be annoyed about??

Sorry but it seems like some of you guys just wanna get off to what ~responsible spenders~ you are. Which..I mean.. good for you, I guess? But even if another collector "didn't have a valid excuse" to be happy about a delay- why would it matter to you?????
23hace 1 díadollbyndollbyn
I only wish for delays so I can bundle figures together and save on shipping. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
23hace 1 díaCarouselCarousel
Because the majority of people in this hobby are in their 20s~early 30s, have shit jobs, and live paycheck to paycheck.
19hace 1 díaDribzDribz
As a diabetic who's ended up in the ER a couple times, yeah, there have been times when a delay was a saving grace for me.

Glad you don't encounter life problems, though. /sarcasm
155 horas antesOsomatsuOsomatsu
Megahouse what did you do??His face is so Ugly
13hace 1 díaipwnboyzipwnboyz
Do you own a house? Do you own a car? Do you have pets? I got all 3 and let me tell you life does happen. Whether it's mandatory renovations, car repair/maintenance or vet bills, they do happen, and they hit hard when they do. It's sucks, but that's just life for you.
13hace 1 día (hace 1 día)JeanneJeanne
The whole thing about "life happening" is that it happens, often unexpectedly. Even if you had put money away for the figure ahead of time, something else more important can always come along.

Car repairs? Bye bye figure money. Leaking roof? Bye bye figure money. I had to cancel 85% of my preorders last year after having my gallbladder removed which put me $6000 in the hole even after insurance (yay America!) Like, it happens. Why do you even care that much? Be glad you don't have to worry about basic needs like that if they come up.

I get it. I've been there. It doesn't bother me when people say it, although sometimes I hope there -aren't- delays because I just get so excited for some figures right before they come out.
13hace 1 día (hace 1 día)WanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Different people have different levels of financial skill. Some folks get better at it with experience, and some do not.

Also, not everyone has a regular reoccurring source of income; some people's income varies over time, making planning more difficult. The moving target that is a figure's release date makes it even more challenging.

Ordering (or even just suggesting) that people do something they're not very good at is of little help. People for whom something comes quite naturally to them have trouble recognizing that the same thing does not come naturally to others.

Personally, I resolved the problem of moving figure release dates by sticking almost entirely to stores that let me pay up front at the time of ordering. That way I don't have to plan, I've already paid. Yes, there's a risk that the company will screw me over, but that's a risk anyway.
13hace 1 díaKorlaxKorlax
Life does get in the way though? Like I don't have much disposable income so no matter how hard I plan and save if life decides to fuck me up then all my money has to go to that.
1223 horas antesViciousLunaticViciousLunatic
I feel like "Plan better" only really works when you don't have liabilities like a car, pets, a house, your own health, or anything else that you have to pay for yourself. Some people might not even have savings due to living pay check to pay check.

It's a very generalizing thing to say as if everyone on this site pre-orders their stuff without planning ahead. Sure, they're out there, but please don't assume everyone is like that.

We all have our own reasons to wish for a delay. Mine, For example, is because due to other delays I have a huge- almost unmanageable in terms of shipping- for a specific month. It would be much less stressful to have those orders spread out a bit more.
12hace 1 díaEastEast wow
who cares
114 horas antesKiz-xoKiz-xo
Im trying to like this. But wtf is that face
1118 horas antes (18 horas antes)CarouselCarousel
Polkadopolis (23 horas antes) #28805885I'm not sure it's fair to judge the worth of someone's opinion based on how many pieces of expensive plastic they have listed as "owned" on a website lol

I think it's fair depending on the context of the discussion. I'd say this is one of those times where it's completely reasonable that someone called it out. And let's be honest, everyone who looked at the OPs profile was thinking it. If you've never had to balance multiple preorders - and I'm not talking about four per month here, but even just one a month - then how can you have a fair, or even knowledgeable opinion on those that do?

(whether their owned list is up to date is a different discussion)
1119 horas antes (19 horas antes)KalasRavenKalasRaven
Life does happen to a lot of people, and it is a valid excuse. My dog was sick and she had a lot of vet bills so I had to cancel pre-orders since the release date didn't get pushed back. You'd better believe I gave up quite a few to pay for my dog. There are things that happen that are unexpected, appliances break, people get sick, you have to travel to help a family member, the list can go on.

People commenting that there's a delay for a piece of plastic really shouldn't make you upset... who cares if people have bad money management, if that is indeed why they want the delay. It's not your money or your wish for the delay. Just because they comment about it doesn't mean it will happen or effects your life. :/ Just ignore the comment and enjoy the figure once you get it, delay or not???
11hace 1 díaadrikynadrikyn
"Pay at time of preorder" -> after two sites (Anime Island, MH Toyshop) that did that went under and tons of people lost money, I don't think ANYBODY wants to do that anymore.
11hace 1 díaHentai_SonHentai_Son
Another thing is shipping; So far due to delays I have had several scales and heavy expensive items be pushed into one month. Shipping can really push it over the edge especially if they have to separate it into 2 boxes ive had to pay 200$ alone for shipping once just due to delays. Its not something you can really plan out either.
105 horas antes11lemons11lemons
Not sure if I like the face .. maybe it'll look a little better after we see more pictures from different angles.
10hace 1 día (hace 1 día)SparxxorsSparxxors
I think you overestimate how financially responsible the average person is. This type of hobby makes people especially prone because "oh, this new series has ___ coming out. Oh, this series too, I love ______ and ______. Oh wait, I can't afford all of them....well the figures are too nice to pass up so I'll figure something out and pre-order now."

It's a bit disappointing for me to come to this conclusion, but..not surprising unfortunately. Also, a majority of the people don't care if it gets delayed, you're just seeing comments from the small percent that do.

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