4 minutos antesMaakieMaakie
SkyBlue (hace 3 días) #27427533Glad to hear you like them. My next blog will be a monster blog with tons of pictures probably as I won't be writing as frequent starting from next year ^^ I hope you'll keep writing though! I enjoy reading them especially your reviews :D

Can't wait to read your new blog! :D And it's not about being a frequent blogger, it's about the contents of your blog. <3

And thanks! :D Seems like I'll have a bit more free time than usual in the upcoming weeks, so I think my blog will remain quite active for the rest of 2017~. I got a big bunch of reviews planned, but also want to write a big loot blog and another snack review blog! :)
5 minutos antes (5 minutos antes)NickelAuraNickelAura
Oh, un fan de l'univers Fate et français ! Je voulais juste faire un petit coucou. Iskandar best character ever ♥
Au plaisir de, peut-être, discuter ensemble :)
7 minutos antesMaakieMaakie
victorviper (hace 3 días) #27418329I was a little surprised to see a variant of F-ism girl item #632951 go up for preorder. I like the red rope on the new version, but I'm not sure I like the different hair color. For some reason, her black hair is kind of an essential part of the figure IMO.
After seeing the latest Sakura, while it is a great figure, I'd probably recommend Koto's item #455586 as the best "ultimate Sakura" currently available. While it's also a big figure, it's not so huge as to totally overwhelm an entire shelf.

Hrmm, I think I find the hair color just as nice, but I'm also surprised to see a variant of this figure, considering the first one doesn't seem to be selling so well.

Thanks for the recommendation! I have to admit that the GSC Sakura is a huge piece of amazing size, which is why it seems as the 'ultimate Sakura', but the Koto Sakura you linked looks so much more like the manga/anime Sakura I remember. Considering selling my CCS collection can take a while, maybe even more Sakura's are released before I can get to picking one. Maybe the new anime will also give us some really nice new ones. The design from the new series item #634008 is veryyyy cute!
11 minutos antesSciroppoSciroppo
Absolutely adorable!!
17 minutos antesQuantaEternaQuantaEterna
victorviper (Hace 2 meses) #24387614They do pair up really well, much better than I expected! Now, if I could only find item #236651 to go with them, but that figure seems near-impossibly rare.

Don't forget this one too XD item #186188
19 minutos antesSascchiSascchi
Giving up my preorder on BiJ. PM for more details.
19 minutos antesSascchiSascchi
Giving up my preorder on BiJ. PM for more details.
24 minutos antesnendo__channendo__chan
Selling him, new with Pre order bonus! From Germany! Pm ^^
30 minutos antesdarksquirrelsdarksquirrels
I have read and agree to the rules.
33 minutos antes (32 minutos antes)tharglettharglet
Link to the raw data sheet.

The extra date columns are for generating pivot tables and graphs. I add things as I pay for it, so preorders aren't all represented.

I use my Google Calendar to track things I need to pay for. I don't preorder a whole lot, so that suffices.
34 minutos antesRitaRita
Jenthehen (6 horas antes) #27524737Y'all are high, lol ... she looks great in person. Of course she's overpriced bc most figures are, but she is a far cry from a prize figure. I can't help but roll my eyes at the absurdity of comparing microscopic details between the prototype and the finished product. She's not an Alter figure, but nobody was expecting that and we knew there would be some variation from the prototype based on UC's history. However, if you're just looking at the figure - she is adorable and very detailed and there isn't even a lot of QC issues, tbh. I've seen worse in the same price range (Miia for instance item #396973 although I still like her for what she is!)
Now someone just tell me where to put the extra support beam! :D

I just want to say a big thank you ! You're completely right. This figure is really cute. And all this comparisons of ridiculous details are annoying...
48 minutos antesrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
This is my first ever Racing figma, and even my first ever Miku, and I'm amazed by how beautiful she is. Her colours are so vibrant! Even though her outfit is white just like most of my figmas somehow, she really stands out. Her hair is really amazing and gorgeous, and her articulation is great too! Just wish I could figure out how to make her hold her open parasol at all ... Otherwise, awesome figma <3
53 minutos antesTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Tarrion! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 hora antesjouerujoueru
Caved in and ended up getting her for 205 USD as it was cheapest I found ;-; I thought the price would go down after awhile but nope
1 hora antesRedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
Mai is so perfect omg
1 hora antesAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
...wait, so she only comes with 2 expressions? Her face is so expressive in the movie, they couldn't make an extra happy one or something?
1 hora antesmoonangelicamoonangelica
Lazuliz (hace 4 días) #27379684So, got mail from GSC regarding the wing problem with the base. Apparently, it's how the second batch of bases is and that's all they have anymore. Kinda sucks that you still pay the same price for a product that is clearly different from what first buyers got... Not to mention that the first round had also issues.
Oh well, probably gonna paint the first base like it should be and gonna use that, the second base just covers too much details.

I also got a replacement base but mine was just the same as the first...maybe I got one of the last ones of the first batch?
1 hora antesVeroxionVeroxion
MajesticCow (4 horas antes) #27528088Touka Kirishima, Hinata Hyuga, anyone from Akatsuki no yona and Uratarou.

HELL YES. Give me Akatsuki no Yona figures!

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