31 segundos antesredshootredshoot
koko (46 minutos antes) #19381929Friend borrows me
I do not know either ..
I asked him
But he is not clear

Oh I see ! thanks for replying thought~
3 minutos antesVeilaVeila
crocatoot (15 horas antes) #19363720Might just be Riku then, Last time i saw him at Anime North and the crazy guy was asking $1400 so i ebayed him and it was really around $800. ridiculous amount of price gouging
Holy crud. I hope no one fell into that trap D:
Someone at Anime Weekend Atlanta bought my FF Reno Play Arts for $15-20 a few years back and told me another person was trying to ask like $100 for theirs at the table right behind me xD hahahaha.

Anyway, back to Sora..I saw how poor static Vincent came out, so the hype is slowly dying on this. A real shame since, as others have mentioned, I like the simple pose and base.I should upload that box pic from ebay.
7 minutos antesMaakieMaakie
I'm trading or selling this item! Please PM me If you are interested in buying or trading!
9 minutos antesAesusAesus
agmar (7 horas antes) #19374247I recieved the payment request too, from AmiAmi

On the way. :)
10 minutos antesxCommandoxCommando
kamikazilucas (22 minutos antes) #19381954what sites do that, other than amiami
A lot actually, you've got AmiAmi, HobbySearch, CDJapan, my favorite Big in Japan, and probably others I don't usually use. Sometimes even Amazon.jp can be a great deal depending on the shipping cost.
14 minutos antesVeilaVeila
pandidora (9 horas antes) #19371521My guess is that the standard version will have his head glued in. So maybe this won't work. :/ Why would they make it removable when there's no point?!

Yeah ><; Wishful thinking I guess. I mean I know they most likely are all produced together, then just separated toward the end to become LE or standards...maybe I can work in reverse and have someone buy the base and shirtless body off mine, hahahaha. Oh well, I'll figure something out xD I just don't really care for this ones base is all.
15 minutos anteshitagicrab27hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Still busy dude?
20 minutos antesStalkingStalking Loli hunter
100000% ordering the one with the smiling face
This is the figure of my dreams

I am so happy.
20 minutos anteschiisai-himechiisai-hime
They like you to try contacting the seller first so I'd do that and say you'll file a claim after. They included the generic description of 1 box which says exactly what you thought so it's definitely arguable.
21 minutos antesChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Azyx (21 horas antes) #19357977Just a few precision on AmiAmi, HLJ and NY:
AmiAmi USAL is for package under 8000yen value, so you can't use it for most figure these days. [ext link ]
HLJ USAL and RSAL is for package under 15000yen value, they do not consider RSAL a trackable method so it's also limited to 15000yen in value (I got burned with this, because I kind of assumed it was for USAL only, lol). [ext link ]-
NY, while they do offer it, as far as pre-order are concerned, from my personnal experience, I think it's unlikely to end up with USAL, you'll get upgraded to RSAL. It probably got something to do with their 15-30% average overcharge on shipping (for USAL anyway, can't say for other method since I don't use them).

Mine never ended up upgraded to Rsal.. so maybe it depends on country. Certain countries not allowed unregistered or opposite.. registered. Not sure which and details tho.. since it doesnt involve me ^^"

And yeah i didnt include the boundaries, good you added that :)
22 minutos antesYarrowiaYarrowia
happypanther_ (3 horas antes) #19378932Joyeux Anniversaire ! :D
22 minutos antestrijohntrijohn
Question about sale #123457


I am inquiring about the sale you have listed for the Super Sonico Macaron Tower figure.

Could you provide some pictures? I see that you have listed the figure as sealed and new.

I'd also like to ask about shipping. I am also located in the U.S. (California).

I would PM, but it seems that your inbox may be full. If you could send me a message, I would appreciate it.


22 minutos antes (22 minutos antes)kamikazilucaskamikazilucas
xCommando (26 minutos antes) #19381950So she'll be like 9-10k on most sites, I'm okay with this. I mean.. its Tomoka, she's finally in her uniform, and she looks amazing. Also she's releasing in my birthday month, get outta here! :D

what sites do that, other than amiami
26 minutos antesOsomatsuOsomatsu
I love all Osomatsu-san Nendoroids
Do not think just order you will not be regret
26 minutos antesxCommandoxCommando
kamikazilucas (54 minutos antes) #1938192511,000 wow i was thinking more like 7000
So she'll be like 9-10k on most sites, I'm okay with this. I mean.. its Tomoka, she's finally in her uniform, and she looks amazing. Also she's releasing in my birthday month, get outta here! :D
27 minutos antesKingsleyKunKingsleyKun
You can ride it. gamagooru (2 horas antes) #19380536ok but why is it almost 500 dollars?
29 minutos antesKingsleyKunKingsleyKun
And thus, I was introduced to Figma.
32 minutos antes (32 minutos antes)GordonWernerGordonWerner
some much much better photos => [ext link ]
34 minutos antesDarkMagicianDarkMagician
this is such a beautiful figure really wish I got into collecting sooner I would have loved to own one

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