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3 minutos antesHeldrikHeldrik
I was expecting Wing "The Goddamned Batman" Knight to be in Strike's place, but I guess I'm OK with that, as long as I can see Miss Holier-that-thou pummeled to dust after getting her ass handed to her (too bad it was off-camera).

astarte952 (3 horas antes) #21436045a new servant enters the stage.
He'd be a better Saber than Arthuria, that's for sure; but then again, that wouldn't be all that difficult.
8 minutos antesKiz-xoKiz-xo
iced_wine (10 minutos antes) #21438733...when I set foot onto the BL floor at Animate, there was a feeling of "Ah, finally, I'm with my people" XDXDXDXDXD
This is the greatest comment i've ever read hahaha.
Home at last xD (In the Yaoi land)
10 minutos antesiced_wineiced_wine
Yokikana (1 hora antes) #21437872The yaoi promise land. Bless.

...when I set foot onto the BL floor at Animate, there was a feeling of "Ah, finally, I'm with my people" XDXDXDXDXD
12 minutos antesiced_wineiced_wine
Kiz-xo (1 hora antes) #21437253You have now given me some future goals.
As a Yaoi fangirl, it is my mission to save up and go there.
(Thank you for uploading so many pics! Its amazing!!!)

I'm glad XD

I got a ton of solid info from fellow MFC users, so definitely hit me up if you have questions/need help planning your trip! Existing blog entries on other people's Japan trips are also gold mines of info~
14 minutos antesiced_wineiced_wine
R_Kasahara (2 horas antes) #21437138+1 on all your tips, especially the pocket Wi-Fi and JR Pass!
Looking forward to your future posts! That Sephy looks amazing in your pic; I really shouldn't get him, though...
Speaking of Final Fantasy and having noticed that you stayed in Shinjuku, did you go to Artnia?

I didn't TT^TT I didn't want to just scratch the surface everywhere, so I really had to focus my energy on a couple of places in Tokyo. is Artnia a shop for FF goods? I'm already planning on a second trip next year, so I can definitely add it to the list XD
17 minutos antesMelisandreMelisandre
chachachow (6 horas antes) #21431161Should be soon! HobbySearch charged and shipped her yesterday evening (MST) so I suspect CD Japan should follow soon! She's definitely EMS, though, sob.

Thank you!! I have the answer from CD Japan, they have already received her today ^^
17 minutos antesiced_wineiced_wine
akarin (3 horas antes) #21436180Thank you for writing up and sharing pics of your adventure with us! Everything looks so delectable :^D ngl, I had a mini internal crisis when I recognized all of the BL manga lmaoooo /fans self
looking forward to reading your Akihabara blog!

hahahaha, that moment of truth when you realize you are a fushoji XD
18 minutos antesiced_wineiced_wine
Karumi (3 horas antes) #21435398Pink pajama Akira is worth that much now?! Now I'm contemplating if I should keep mine...
And they had Youji? I can't find his plush anywhere. X__X
Lastly, I never knew Stellaworth had a physical store. Their online shop is a dangerous enough place for me...

I was shocked too...especially since other TnC one coins were going for so cheap. The black military Akira and Shiki one coins were going for like 500jpy a piece >.<

Youji's plushie was actually the cheapest out of the bunch, if I remember correctly. Aoba was the most expensive. I actually do regret not grabbing a plushie and a scroll from them T.T

I've actually never heard of stellaworth until I went into their store in Japan, but I can totally see how it's a landmine gold mine for fushojis XD
18 minutos anteslapistmacirlapistmacir
Love this statue of her! I actually always wished there was an alt costume like her for Heather in the game.
20 minutos anteseromastereromaster
hommeducan141 (59 minutos antes) #21437950Ero master thì quỳ rồi ^^
Mình có quen nhau ko? :))
20 minutos anteshoratiohoratio
Myka (59 minutos antes) #21437941Lol I thought Jurrasic Park XD
Oops my bad! Veloci-kogi? :D
21 minutos antesLouise-ChanLouise-Chan
Klar bin das ganze we auf der dokomi ^^
22 minutos antesEruiErui
Thank you! ^^

horatio (57 minutos antes) #21437963Wow, nice custom Hoozuki doll.

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