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52 segundos antesNaelythNaelyth
This is totally belated, but thanks for showing me your itabag! It's super cute!! :D
2 minutos antesTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board makinyan! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
3 minutos antescha_bracha_bra
Is the one they have listed on amazon legit? Says the seller is GSC but the origin is China so I'm skeptical, if anyone know.
5 minutos antesTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Junormous! :)

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6 minutos antesastarte952astarte952
eine andere serie die du sammelst in dem monat?
7 minutos anteshikaridranzhikaridranz
done :)
8 minutos antes (6 minutos antes)Benny-Benny-
Amatsukitsune (18 horas antes) #18554246Ahh I got some of my results back! I did well in maths and geography so I'm happy! Now I have to revise for my real ones ahh too much hard work!
Ahh how well did you do on the driving test?
Haha I guess you really do have a sugar tooth!
Yeah, I only ever like certain Saber and Mikus though!
Yeah I agree that miku would look super nice, I really wish they made a figma or scale of the witch snow miku nendoroid.
I finally goty Corrin to 5 star, but once you finish the story theres almost no way to get orbs! It sucks, I usually wait for the achievement quests haha
Yeah I love Leo and his retainers and also I think theyre from an older game Minerva and Shanna
I really want to play all the games now but I can only play them in the summer once I've finish all my school work.
Ahh I hope she comes out nicely! And that they make more! I want them to make a character with a dragon just for a mini nendoroid dragon!
Oh and don't worry about using the japanese names ( if I don't know one I'll google it haha)
I'd love one of Corrin though, he's definitely my favourite, one thing I'm wondering can male corrin become the dragon thing (haha I don't really know the name) because I know the female one can, I think haha.
I didn't know Leo liked Camilla?! He's so adorable as well with his horse!
Yeah I found it disappointing too, I found this item #548710 and item #549403 I was hoping they'd make a Jeanne d'arc figma but instead they just announced two nendoroids of her that a just variations. I also saw the fake figma announcements and I was really annoyed cause one of them was a figma of prisma Ilya and I had wanted one of her for so long!
Ahh the first miku scale is very pretty! I like the design of this years racing miku, but I don't really like the artist's drawing. I really want the knight miku now I'm just resisting adding it to my list! (sorry I replied late i've been brain dead the last couple of days haha!)

Oh! Awesome!

I passed the test sadly. I really wanted to fail too, haha! I've supposed to been practicing driving for the past 4 months I think. I haven't though, haha!

Yep I do! I don't really mind though, haha! I don't wanna get diabetes though, so I've got to be somewhat careful.

Yeah me too, thankfully! I really like the Sakura Saber figure! I think it's really pretty! And luckily a lot of the Miku's figures faces look weird, or something does at least.

If they continue making Snow Miku figmas, then I bet they'll make it. I hope they make a scale of that one too! I also think that would look really nice as a scale!

Ah, cool! I never got Robin to 5 stars 'cause I still haven't played for awhile, haha! My older brother's having the same problem with orbs too. I bet they'll be more quests next month though, so that'll be a few more at least!

I know Minerva's from the first game. I don't know what game Shanna's from though. (It might be one of he remakes of the first or third game. I'm not 100% sure though.)

Why can't you play any now? Why wait until you finish school? Is it 'cause you have to concentrate on all your tests and stuff?

Haha! I never thought of a dragon nendoroid! Now I wanna see what one would look like! I'm curious if they'll make anymore figures of Fates characters. They've announced at least one for the last three Wonfes's, so I wonder how long it'll continue.


He can turn into a dragon too. They probably just had him use a sword in heroes so they could have both of their weapons in it without having them be able to use two different weapons. He can turn into a dragon in Fates though.

Yeah, you can pretty much tell in his support conversations with her, but they don't flat out tell you in the game. I know it's confirmed in some book. He's ashamed of it though. (I think that's the word that was used. He doesn't tell anyone about it obviously, so I think that's the right word.)
Yeah, the nendoroid horses look funny! And his horse has that fancy armor. So his would look even funnier, haha!

That Saber figma's pretty! I like her dress! And maybe they'll make a figma of Jeanne d'arc later! They usually always make nendoroids first, so maybe a figmas next!
It's probably not terrible that we found this Wonfes disappointing though. It gives us more time to catch up with the other stuff we want before they make more new things we want.

Ah, yeah I saw some fake nendoroids too. I saw a fake one of this outfit item #235274. I was really confused at first 'cause I couldn't find it on here even though I'd seen a picture of it. I didn't find out it was fake until the next morning, haha!

Yeah, I thought the outfit was cute! The artist that drew the Racing Miku this year does their eyes a little weird in my opinion. (I always complain about eyes, haha!) They're not the worst though. I'm still gonna wait until they're done to decide.
And I don't think it's bad if you put that Racing Miku on your wishlist. You still have way less then me!

But I just really wanna buy a bunch of figures this year! My sister and I've been deciding what we wanna try and get this year at the least, middle, and most. I've already changed my mind a bunch of times in that last week. I even just bought a figure that I wasn't gonna buy for awhile!
8 minutos antesyasurishichikayasurishichika
Selling mine with a broken elbow pad. Very good condition otherwise. Photos on my page. Open to offers.
10 minutos antescryingtrashcryingtrash
rozelle (hace 8 días) #18354810Oh man my grade 11 and 12 self would instantly pre-order this. <3 Honestly this series helped me get through history class LMFAO

10 minutos antesJc21095Jc21095
ShineWing (1 hora antes) #18567834I wish there was a extra part with her shirt closed. That way I can buy her without any judgemental eyes. XD
Wait so people won't judge the used condom?
10 minutos antesarsiearsie
11 minutos antescryingtrashcryingtrash
Happy birthday!!! :DD
12 minutos antesdakimakuraqueendakimakuraqueen
Looking to buy her maybe if anyone is selling! (USA)
12 minutos antes (12 minutos antes)CinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
Shouldn't Puck be included as one of the characters tagged in this entry? He is there, afterall!

Also, I really regret not pre-ordering... but he looks amazing.
14 minutos antes (10 minutos antes)GoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
So this is the next... looks good! Especially her expression.

But I'm still waiting for Matsuri(v2) and Ai Saeki(Wedding)
17 minutos antes (15 minutos antes)YankeeAllStarsYankeeAllStars
Your profile tagline says "Hoping for very few delays" but you might want to change that lol
20 minutos antesVamppyVamppy
So lovely :D
22 minutos antesEXkuroganeEXkurogane
Out of nowhere i saw the painted sample and im super interested
23 minutos antesKyokiPonKyokiPon
Airtail (8 horas antes) #18558790Has she been released? I haven't gotten an invoice from Ami. I hope she isn't delayed!
Same! It says 2/23 here but I haven't gotten a payment request
from NY, however she's on their coming soon items list so
guess she'll be indeed available soon.
27 minutos antesMykaMyka
I really want him, but the price... why are you so pricey my dear trap? It's still slightly less than what I paid for Bridget (item #571), but still...

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