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Hi I started this club so that people could discuss the shops and sites they use to buy figures. Please add a new discussion for the shop/site you want to talk about since it will make it easier for other people to find information on this shop/site in the future.

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0hace 1 díaKittymintKittymint
Anyone have experience of reselling to KBooks? I have a Japanese address if they require it, etc, but I was curious about the whole process of reselling to them.
0hace 4 díaswarriorofdreamwarriorofdream
Anyone had similar problem since HLJ updated they paypal payment to paypal billing agreement, someone like me who has paypal verified but I have only bank account linked there I can't even preorder any figure from them since it log me into paypal and open the tab with "add a card";
I asked HLJ but they seems to be more clueless than me; I only found out that paypal billing agreement don't support bank account only acount, only the one with card on paypal, so I guess HLJ should have some solutions, but eh they know nothing about it (I'm in the middle to enlighten them) so does anyone has this problem or everybody just use credit card =_= Sadly I can't get credit card for various reasons :/
0Hace 1 mes (Hace 1 mes)SengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
Does anyone have alternatives to NipponYasan with respect to pre-ordering Native figures? Native online shop don't ship to my country. I'm looking for a store/proxy/site which ships worldwide, preferably directly from Japan, that can also undervalue the package and accepts PayPal for these kind of figures. Any ideas? BTW FromJapan have told me they cannot order from Native, so that's one option crossed out. Thank you~
0Hace 1 mesSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Does anyone know a good proxy to use that can buy from Shopee Taiwan? They have an R18 mousepad I must have ;A;
0Hace 1 mestheyasminshowtheyasminshow Hardboiled Heavy
calias (Hace 1 mes) #27829404Got a question about pixivBOOTH: Can you combine items from multiple shops in your order? Would the final shipping cost reflect that the items are from different stores or would it be combined?
Depends - some items are shipped from a warehouse, and some are sent from the artist directly. If the items are sent from the warehouse they can be combined.
0Hace 1 mescaliascalias
Got a question about pixivBOOTH: Can you combine items from multiple shops in your order? Would the final shipping cost reflect that the items are from different stores or would it be combined?
0Hace 1 mesMetatronMetatron
Ok guys I just want to give my quick review for Zenmarket.

I just ordered several figures with their proxy service. When the items arrived at their warehouse, you're free to choose the shipping method etc.

And then here's the tricky part:
- After you select the shipping method etc, you need to wait for them to confirm the package, which could take 1 week alone.

The shipping fee for the package has been confirmed
Go to Packages →
The items in the parcel you have created exceeds the limit of the weight and/or the size of the chosen shipping method. Therefore, we have left some of the items at our warehouse.

Apparently they just left some of your items without the option of changing the shipping method.

And you need to pay 1,000 yen to cancel the current package!! (obviously you're forced to do so)

I guess this is how they make money eh, by being dishonest.
0Hace 1 mesOyyxonroOyyxonro
Has anyone ordered something from Italian store called ""

Are they legit? I could not find any reviews about this store online.
They also sell their products on E-bay under the same name.
0Hace 1 mesdarkmieldarkmiel
Has anyone tried DeJapan as a proxy? They put up a guide on ordering from the GSC facemaker site and how to forward to them. Seems like they don't charge agent fee, which is actually scary to me? LOL All the google results are sponsored reviews, which I don't trust either.
1Hace 2 mesescasenumber00casenumber00
I sent a claim to the FBI regarding Anime Island. [ext link ]

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