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0hace 10 díasS1MP50NS1MP50N
Hello, I'm looking for this face Picture #1056999 from the Asuna Cu-Poche, if anyone can part with one for a reasonable price please PM me.
0hace 14 díasskillwrecksskillwrecks
Hi, I'm looking for an authentic square base for a standard Nendoroid. Don't need anything but the base itself. Message me what you're asking for one. I'm in the US.
0hace 18 díasHeavenly_OtakuHeavenly_Otaku
Hello fellow collectors,

If anyone is interested in selling just the bikini of the below figure, or guide me to place where it can be found. Please let me know, as I am interested to acquire it.

item #146803

(If required, I am willing to buy this figure in Used C grade condition, just for the bikini.)

Thank you for your time.
0hace 20 días (hace 20 días)theend12theend12
does anyone have Ritsu's (mfc link) drum sticks and are willing to part with them lost mine while packing up because of a house fire last year?
0Hace 1 mesChuckyfreakChuckyfreak
Hi everyone, I had a problem when changing my Kaito Nendoroid around earlier today and I need some help. I was trying to remove the hand that holds the ice cream from the rest of his arm and it wouldn't budge. I'm thinking that it got molded to the arm somehow. Then I tried to remove the ice cream and it broke off. If anyone is willing to sell Kaito's ice, the bent arm and the hand that holds the ice cream, please let me know!
0Hace 1 mes8-Bit_Asian8-Bit_Asian
Hi everyone, I had the misfortune of ordering two figmas that had joints snapping during shipping. Unfortunately, GoodSmile replacement doesn't cover my country and I kind of don't want to resort to Chinese bootlegs. Is anyone with an extra flesh-colored foot joint and neck join willing to part with them? Thanks!
0Hace 1 mesductrinh0801ductrinh0801
I need the base of the sword(the black holder thingy) for the Date a Live Tohka nendoroid figure #144336 Anybody would be willing to sell it? I would be glad to buy it. thank you!
0Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)ShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Anyone know what size ball joints are in Play Arts Kai figures? I'm at a loss at who to ask...and google isn't being helpful. Wondering mostly if an Obitsu ball joint replacement set would be even remotely helpful in replacing one.
0Hace 2 mesesclubmonicoclubmonico
Looking for any nendoroid neck joint piece (the part you put just under the faceplate - not the rod) kindly help Canada preferred (for costs but wont shy away from anyone)
0Hace 2 mesesemosuccubusemosuccubus
im looking for item #218653 's tarot card arm! the one i ordered is missing hers, please pm me if you have one!

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