GenderSwap HavenGenderSwap HavenA Club for fans of genderswapped characters.

Unlike some other clubs, you are free to complain about transexual characters. This is NOT a safe space.

All characters added to the list are genderswapped characters. Characters that at some point in their manga/anime/game been the opposite gender at one point in time.

These characters are not transgender or transexual. Transexual characters don't actually change gender. Genderswaps however do, be it by use of magic or by futuristic super science.

Example: calling female Ranma "he" would be using the incorrect gender pronoun, but if you do to troll people then that is okay too.

As with any other fanbase, be warned... people will probably seem a little autistic when discussing said characters. But since this group is created for the fans of said fetish, this sort of autism would be the norm.

This is not a safe space. However this is just a place where people that enjoy this fetish can talk about it and not spread it to other places where it wont be appreciated.

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