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Fununiverse is a legitimate seller, no need to worry about that. You may want to consult this list first to see if any items you are looking at are sold by these people: (mfc link). The figure shop and review club will also help if you are looking to buy outside of Ebay: club #72

Generally there are a few tips to avoid bootlegs, especially on Ebay:

1) Avoid most sellers from China or Hong Kong; that is bootleg city lol.
2) A price that's too good to be true. Nendoroids and figmas retail for about $30-40 each. If you see one selling for $15-20, it is most likely a bootleg.
3) Many bootlegs have a sort of 'shinier' plastic used for the face. If you look at bootleg pictures of nendoroids in our Bootleg picture category you can compare a legitimate figure and the bootleg and quickly spot the differences. There will also likely be paint smears, loose-looking joints, etc.

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