iHUGE LOOT: May-July~n/a    Readers' selection (2017-07-17)

https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4297/35976410596_98e5de9c59_o.jpgMAY-JULY LOOT
One thing I will say: the pre-owned section of AmiAmi is a trap.


These are all the figures I got~ That's 15 in total (19 including 4 from the set of the Hetalia One Coin Grande Vol. 2 figures). Most of them are prize figures and nendos that I've been really wanting and popped up by chance on AmiAmi's pre-owned section for really cheap. So of course, I nabbed them.


First up is the Love Live! Sunshine loot. I've actually never watched this series, but I am an avid player of the game. I don't have a preference for either Aqours or Muse, since for both groups I only like some of them. My main ultimate favorite is Maki, though; but if it's just Aqours we're talking about, You is my main favorite. Mari and Maru are a close second, though.


The prize figures are actually quite well-made. A word of warning, though: I don't know if it's for the particular figure I got, but Mari is very flimsy and unstable - she tends to wobble because her pegs are a bit loose for the stand, I think. She still stands upright and straight though, but I would recommend placing her where she won't have any dangers of getting knocked against, because she might break off the pegs.

Maru is beautiful. That is all.

Where did I buy them?

  • You Banpresto prize figure @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, B/B)
  • You nendoroid @ TOM (Pre-ordered, brand new)
  • Hanamaru FuRyu prize figure @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, A/B)
  • Mari FuRyu prize figure @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, A/B)



I am not over the Free! phase. So not over. MakoHaru is still OTP, but of course I had to get Rin as well because a.) Sousuke is finally going to be made (BLESS YOU ALTER) - SouRin is 2nd OTP - and b.) DAT ASS.

Rei is my ultimate favorite though so I can't wait for his figure's release. Alter, please don't ignore him ;_;

Where did I buy them?

  • Makoto @ GoodsRepublic (Pre-owned)
  • Haruka @ AmiAmi (Brand new)
  • Rin @ AmiAmi (Brand new)



The only Vocaloids I like are Kaito, Miku, and Gakupo. I wish companies would pay more attention to Gakupo and Kaito, tbh. T^T

I was actually only planning on getting Senbonzakura Kaito, but I saw Miku was still available on AmiAmi so I grabbed her. They are both really cute and they come with lots of accessories.

The Miku prize figure is just absolutely beautiful especially for the price. Her colors are so vibrant and she is just so well-made. As for the other 2 Miku nendos, I actually did not come browsing AmiAmi with the intention of buying them, but they are also on my wishlist and they were so cheap I couldn't resist. ❤️

Where did I buy them?

  • Miku Project Diva Future Arcade Tone prize figure @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, A/B)
  • Miku Append nendoroid @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, A/B)
  • Miku Yukata nendoroid @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, A/C)
  • Miku Senbonzakura nendoroid @ AmiAmi (Brand new)
  • Kaito Senbonzakura nendoroid @ AmiAmi (Brand new)



I've owned Homura's magical girl version figma for a long while now (she was one of the first figures I owned back when I had just started collecting figures), and I thought it's finally time I buy her for her magical girl version's accessories- most importantly, the hairpiece with the ribbon. Besides, Homura is one of my most favorite characters of all time and I am planning to build a sort of shrine of her anyway (though based from this haul I'm closer to building a Miku shrine than a Homura shrine lol), so I don't mind that I own her as well. I love their uniforms anyway.

Where did I buy her? @ AmiAmi (Pre-owned, A/B)



Hetalia One Coin Grande Vol.2 - or at least, some of them. I did a separate blog post on these because I reviewed the seller I got them from, rubyserpent_720. I actually got the whole set, but as I mentioned in that post, I will give away the rest to two of my good friends from the Philippines and Italy.

Where did I buy them? @ MFC User: rubyserpent_720



And last but not the least for figures: RAH Sebastian and Ciel. These are so expensive and so precious, but I got them as graduation gifts from my mom and dad because I am graduating from university this July 29! :D Well, technically I have already graduated since I finished a semester early, but I am participating in the ceremony at the end of the academic year. I have been wanting these two since FOREVER. I almost can't believe I finally have them. They are both exquisite and beautiful, and quite honestly they made me want to collect more RAHs for charas that matter the most to me. XP Planning to get Mami and Homura next.

Also, yes. I am forever going to pose them like this in my figure cabinet. Don't judge me.

Where did I buy them?

  • Sebastian @ Solaris Japan (Brand new)
  • Ciel @ Hobby Link Japan (Brand new)



And some other merch as well! As y'all know already, I am an avid manga collector (especially BL), so of course I had to buy some manga to add to the collection. The straps are bought from MFC users on here. KuroFay and Nedmano are my OTPs~ Seung-Gil is bought from Ebay. Tbh I just wanted him because his dog is so cute lol.

Where did I buy them?

  • Seung-Gil @ Ebay
  • Kurogane & Fay straps @ MFC User kotoko
  • Netherlands and South Italy straps @ MFC User chihiroayasato
  • Manga @ Amazon


GRAND TOTAL: 19 figures, 5 straps, 6 manga

All in all, I am super happy with the newest additions to my collection!!! I got into the collecting game way late so I am really trying to catch up. I don't think the next few months' hauls will be as big though since I'm gonna be focusing more on pre-orders, but I'm really glad to share my happiness with you guys! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for reading~!


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1hace 4 díassnowynightssnowynights
gwendal738-2 (hace 6 días) #23556358I KNOW RIGHT?! X'D and the content is also really something else. One page had (WARNING FOR GRAPHIC IMAGE) View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://jpeghost.net/x-GAcaaa.jpg
a smiling penis. I dont know how to feel about this...


omg i think i saw this from a tumblr blog..no wonder this sounded familiar XD
0hace 5 díasgwendal738-2gwendal738-2
Lyncfs (hace 5 días) #23591815The Ciel and Sebastian look super nice! I didn't realize the RAH line comes with cloth clothes!

Thank you! :D And yes, they do. They're like a cross between a doll and a figma, and they're 1/6 scale so they're pretty big and tall. Double the size of their figma counterparts (if they had any), I would say. So totally worth the money!
1hace 5 díasLyncfsLyncfs
The Ciel and Sebastian look super nice! I didn't realize the RAH line comes with cloth clothes!
1hace 6 díasHalcioneHalcione
gwendal738-2 (hace 6 días) #23556358I KNOW RIGHT?! X'D and the content is also really something else. One page had (WARNING FOR GRAPHIC IMAGE) View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://jpeghost.net/x-GAcaaa.jpg
a smiling penis. I dont know how to feel about this...


This is the kind of high quality content I come to this website for. God bless.
0hace 6 días (hace 6 días)gwendal738-2gwendal738-2
snowynights (hace 6 días) #23556058"don't rub yourself against my ass".....literally dying. Some BL titles out there really are something...

I KNOW RIGHT?! X'D and the content is also really something else. One page had (WARNING FOR GRAPHIC IMAGE) View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://jpeghost.net/x-GAcaaa.jpg
a smiling penis. I dont know how to feel about this...

1hace 6 díassnowynightssnowynights
"don't rub yourself against my ass".....literally dying. Some BL titles out there really are something...
1hace 6 díasDaichukiyoDaichukiyo
gwendal738-2 (hace 7 días) #23529012Thank you so much for your kind words! And yes, I kind of experimented with the way I am going to do my loot posts from now on, and this seemed like a good format. Thanks for the feedback!

No problem hehe! (^◡^) Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to reading more of your loot posts in future! ♡
0hace 6 díasgwendal738-2gwendal738-2
Ciciely (hace 6 días) #23549346Great loot and congrats on your graduation!!

Thank you for your kind words! <3
0hace 6 díasgwendal738-2gwendal738-2
harukaa (hace 6 días) #23547403Amazing loot! Ciel and Sebastian look nice and love your vocaloid figures! I really wish kaito will get more figures as well (;;)! Congrats on your graduation btw c:!

Kaito doesn't get enough love ToT My next haul will probably be a Kaito haul just because I want to show him the love he deserves! XD

Thanks for your kind words. <3
1hace 6 díasCicielyCiciely
Great loot and congrats on your graduation!!

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