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0Hace 2 mesesDystaniaDystania
I can't forget about my baby Nagisa although it doesn't look very promising, just one picture which looked very washed out and her socks were blank. item #182887
0Hace 2 mesesVodkanrollVodkanroll
RockGodItachi (Hace 2 meses) #20020803I've lost all hype for this Satellizer item #339430 as she was supposed to be released ages ago! She has been put back 3 times and now she is supposed to be coming out in June! That's a whole year after her pre-orders went up! I have no idea what Orca are doing but it seems like they've forgotten the figures they've promised us and instead are concentrating on newer ones for release!

I suppose that this happens because the manga is in hiatus since last year... Apparently Lim-Dall have health problems.
The manga and it's merchandising need to support each other.
0Hace 2 mesesEllieeElliee
That honour would go to item #427732 - which I'm still waiting for. If she actually releases this time, I'll be a year since I pre-ordered. If she delays again ... ho boy.
1Hace 2 mesesJohnDorianJohnDorian
Personal experience, definitely Amane Suzuha from Alter.
item #117949
0Hace 2 mesesconfuzedanimefanconfuzedanimefan
CannedMuffins (Hace 2 meses) #20063328Definitely not as long as some folks been waiting but longest wait for me. item #460526
Just waiting for Kotobukiya to create a Bishounen/Ikemen series was way too long.
0Hace 2 mesesEXkuroganeEXkurogane
My personal experience with an order was 6 months.

But i do remember seeing a figure which i didnt order that was delayed for like a year, Good Smile's Mikasa Ackerman. As for whether there are any that was delayed even longer than that, maybe there are but im not aware of it.
0Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)minami_desuminami_desu
Oh, I can add item #61454 here since it's been 6 years since she was announced, and she is not released yet. Even after being available for pre-ordering she was delayed from December 2016 to April 2017 =\ hope there will be no other delay
0Hace 2 mesesDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
shinhawk (Hace 2 meses) #20066970Holy crap, I remember the delays on that one. Even for Alter, that was ridiculous.If I recall she went up for pre-orders around September. Then was delayed for a year and released on November of that next year.
1Hace 2 mesesshinhawkshinhawk
DonkeyBlonkey (Hace 2 meses) #20044896From my experience upon Pre-Ordering, this figure had the most delays: item #117949Holy crap, I remember the delays on that one. Even for Alter, that was ridiculous.
1Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)MayoiMayoi
I'm in the Kiss-shot clan too. The day when (mfc link) popped as a Wonfes teasing was one of my/our beautiful moments ever as a figure collector. Everyone was so excited that her prototype figure was put in the front page when the old and less flexible system was still here.

I never had "huge" waits between pre-orders and shipping. Kiss-shot still holds the first place with a 3 months delay and overall almost one year of waiting since the pre order. There is item #396840 too who I pre ordered 8 months ago and will be released in 3 months. MAYBE.

Beside that my longest wait for a figure who still isn't in pre-orders is item #236362. Announced two years ago, color proto finally the last Wonfes. Now with Owarimonogatari's part 3 adaptation she should be quickly in pre orders but gosh. That's was a long wait for such a small thing.
1Hace 2 mesesShimakaze69Shimakaze69
Since I'm still relatively new to collecting, the longest I've waited was for a figure (over 2 years) has been item #236240.

After her, probably item #198382, who is obviously dead in the water.
I'm still waiting on my Knights of Sidonia Hoshijiro figures: item #287977 and item #236194.

Looking to the future, Trudy will probably have a year long delay, putting her at 3 years. item #237254
2Hace 2 mesesCannedMuffinsCannedMuffins
Definitely not as long as some folks been waiting but longest wait for me. item #460526
1Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)theend12theend12
DonkeyBlonkey (Hace 2 meses) #20044896From my experience upon Pre-Ordering, this figure had the most delays: item #117949Yeah I remember that one. Also item #143923 and i'm still waiting on item #198382
1Hace 2 mesesShiashiaShiashia
item #15689

Added 7 years ago, comes out (hopefully) later this year. Took like almost the whole 7 years before we saw a painted version. BUT THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME!
0Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)RockGodItachiRockGodItachi
I can add 2 more to this actually now I've gone through my wishlist and tell you that this Sonico was announced as a pre-painted version 2 years ago! item #285039 Of course I can't forget GSC making the Fairy Tail fanbase explode with excitement over them making an Erza which I might add is worse than the Sonico, yep 3 years ago they announced her and have we seen a prototype yet? Nope not one single update! item #198423 Of course these aren't pre-orders just me venting! XD
2Hace 2 meses (Hace 2 meses)DonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
From my experience upon Pre-Ordering, this figure had the most delays: item #117949
1Hace 2 mesesTeelaTeela
item #78623

Waiting for her to pre-order: 4 years
Waiting since pre-order: 1 year and still waiting...
0Hace 2 mesesOmegaForteOmegaForte
Mitsuki_ (Hace 2 meses) #20030197I'm still waiting for this one ... :

I gave up on that a while back. My only hope are other companies.
1Hace 2 mesesMitsuki_Mitsuki_
I'm still waiting for this one ... :
1Hace 2 mesesNyangireNyangire
I've definitely waited for some figures from announcement to product for 2 years.
So much so that if a fig I really want gets announced I get a bit bummed when I realize its probably not a priority fig and I'll have to wait for it for at least year and a half.

Current excruciating waits include item #459860 announced almost a year ago ans still no prototype.

And Youjo senki stuff... its been announced recently but I'm already impatient.

Genos figma aint even announced

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